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Peer Review Sanne


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Peer Review Sanne

  1. 1. Peer review on the blog Glossies and New media The last months we have been researching the magazine industry and posted several articles, videos and essays about the future of the magazine industry in a digital era on our blog. Since some how we have become ‘experts’ on this topic, I will review this week the blog Glossies and New media of my colleagues Lisa, Tamara, Linda, Manou and Artie. In this peer review I will discuss the good and bad points of their blog so they can improve it. The first thing that drew my attention while looking at the blog were the articles posted about the magazines in times of economic crisis. It was very surprising to read that luxury brands are not cutting back on their marketing expenses and that luxury has boomed the last years even though we are in times of crisis. An improvement to make to this part of the blog though could be to shorten the long introduction to the theme of magazines in times of economic crisis. People that read online scroll over information and click fast from one hyperlink to another one, therefore information has to be more to the point. Besides in my point of view it is not relevant to read common sense information as ‘the internet changes society’. This is only interesting in relation to the main topic of the blog, the developments in the magazine industry. Secondly, I want to note that the blog is very well structured, you did not use hyperlinks that lead you to another page where you can read the articles, these are all posted in the blog itself. This also counts for the videos and the powerpoint presentation (something my group did not know how to fix). Concerning the layout, I like the green colors and flowers but they do not really refer to glossy magazines. The blue characters in the title are also not very easy to read on the green background. A last point to improve is that the blogger id ‘who am I’ is not completed yet. This part shows only your first names but does not say anything about who you are and what the purpose is of your blog. This can be read in your first article but not everyone that gets on your blog goes all the way back to the first article.
  2. 2. In conclusion; your blog looks nice and is well structured but there are still some improvements to make. Regarding the content, my advice is to be more to the point and to shorten some of the long introductions, like the one in the example given above. The layout should look more ‘glossy like’, with pictures from fashion magazines. Change the characters in the title to black so this can be read easier and complete the blogger id with some information about the group members and purpose of the blog. Sanne Jansen