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College detailedanalysis.docx

  1. 1. College Detailed Analysis: 1.) This photograph I took my-self shows the light in a bold line nearing the background that makes a contrast to the deer in front it, even though the deer themselves aren’t very clear. I like how even though the streak of light in the middle of the picture is rather thin, there light seems through the leaves in the trees. This makes the blend of light and dark a good balance with a dark area nearing the front of the photograph. I like how the lines of this photograph are relatively simple and don’t really overlap, as there are not many complicated objects/aspects in this photograph. I like how the lines of the trees create gaps from where the deer can be seen even if it’s not particularly clear. The lines blend in with the texture nicely, which is created by the bracken at the front at the picture, which despite blending in with the picture still creates the effects nicely. Like I said before, the way the light seems through in the middle against the deer, I think is a really nice effect and in a way could present hope with the contrast with the dark and light. Despite this I think that even though the texture has an interesting texture and the deer in the background is a nice touch, there isn’t really a focus point, which could give the photograph a different meaning with the loss of hope, which could be represented by the deer in the background disappearing. I think to improve this the focus and the zoom on the deer could be increased. And in the way of a focus point
  2. 2. if the middle foreground was a bit more noticeable then I think the picture would come together more as a whole. 2.) This picture I had taken myself, in the Orkney Islands up in Scotland. In the background sea lions can been seen lying on the rocks, unlike the first photograph that I analysed the background is a lot more in focus. The colours are all very earthy, which is greatly contributed by the lack of sunlight due to the weather of the day when I took the picture. The space is I think of one the weakest aspects of this photograph, where the middle of the foreground and the background are interlinked in a way where the strip of rock where the sea lions are, is ‘blended’ by the use of colour and shape. How ever where the space is the least strongest aspect I think the texture balances it nicely. I think in talking with of the context of the texture of this photograph, the sea has some interesting strips of patterns created by the angle of the little light that was available on the day. With the lines, from my view they look quite blurred yet simple with them intertwining in the form of the rocks. I think by the way the lack of light on the day and the hint of different colours here in this photograph could show the meaning of the loss of hope with represented by the sea lions lounging about on the rocks with emotionless expressions. Also the colour of the rocks with the mixture of green, yellow and the hint of dark purple, also the sudden fall from the cliff with the dark
  3. 3. dreary water meeting the end, also the little sky in the sky that can be see not only implies but also contributes to the feeling of the loss of hope. 3.) This photograph I took while on a camping trip. The light in this photograph is rather absent, due to the time of day that it was taken, which was around early evening. The sun isn’t visible in the picture which I think is good, that way there is more attention given on the focus-point on the rainbow. However despite the fact that I think the angle that is was shot actually suited the landscape and made the photograph more interesting, I don’t really think the picture comes together as a whole, which is contributed by the fact that the colours don’t blend very well and clash a bit from the green straight to the light blue. The clouds aren’t very well placed in the photograph either, which could confuse the eye of the viewer of the photograph, along with the same shade of green that is in the bottom layer of grass and the small strip of trees which could also potentially confuse the eye of the viewer. By the angle of the photograph of which is was taken and the dark colours creeping up, along with the clouds disappearing downwards and the fact that rainbow is more visible on one side than it is on the other, I think this could show meanings of the classic struggle between good and bad.
  4. 4. A good way to improve this photograph is to maybe increase the light coming in from the bottom left hand corner. Also I don’t really that the tilted angle that the picture is taken from helps the anesthetic look of the photograph as I think it confuses the eye. 4.) This photograph was another taken by me in a village near by where I live.The angle is from the entrance of the village church door. Which I quite like as I think it gives a certain mystery feel to the picture. I like how the lines a relatively simple in the foreground, with the gates and archway ect. but with the tree branches and the leaves over crossing the lines appear more complicated as they overcross ect. which makes a nice contrasts. I think that the fact that there isn’t much reputation suits the theme of the photograph and contributes to the anaesthetic appeal of the photograph. However one part aspect of the photograph that I think is weaker is the lighting which contributes to the photograph loosing it’s effect, with the picture being mostly dark then with a little corner or light at the top which I think could confuse the eye. I think a way that this photograph could be improved was if the background was a bit more in focus as I think the way the light in the corner bounces of the tree could confuse the eye. As well as that I don’t really think that the picture comes together as a whole with the foreground and the background seeming like two separate pictures altogether, which is cut up even more by the bright light in the corner taker the eye viewing the photograph off-guard and confused. I think if the light was dimmed a bit and stretched out evenly it would give the photograph an 50/50 light and dark balance. Like I said before with the way the lighting is positioned and with the gradual complication of the lines from foreground to background it could represent a sanctuary as the doors that are visible in the photograph belong to a church. The light could possibly represent
  5. 5. the harshness of life and with the doors open it gives the photograph a sense of welcoming yet mystery to it due to the light shadow over the inside of the church. 5.) This photograph was taken by myself in the Orkney Islands up in the north of Scotland. This chapel was part of a prisoners of war camp in the second world war. I like how the lines in the photograph have a rather large variation from thick and thin to tessellating each other, for example the light and dark brown side parts of the chapel along with the two sides stones that form the entrance to the main part of the chapel. I like how the light is shown in the picture, vividly coming in from the two side windows of the chapel which creates a nice balance between the light and dark along with the dark shadow created by people behind me whilst I was taking the picture in the foreground of the photograph. Like I said before, I think because of the way the light is coming through sideways and the way the shadow is shown in the picture and because of chapels history, I think that this photograph could represent hope and loss in the time of war as this chapel was built during WWII by Italian POW. And I also think that the way the colours co-ordinate with each other and the how the shadow almost looks like it pulling contributes to this idea of what the photograph could represent. A way to improve the photograph I think is to maybe put a bit more shadow in the background, because even though the photograph does have a good balance between light and dark the picture doesn't really come together as a whole and I think if there was a bit more shadow in the background the photograph would come together more as a whole. Also another way that the photo could be improved is by a similar method, which is to dim the light coming in through the window as it could put the eye of the person looking at the photograph off.
  6. 6. 6.) This final photograph was taken by myself, at the time I was trying to practice taking natural animal pictures and this picture is one of the first that I took. I like how there is actually a big variation of colour especially in the foreground despite the fact that there isn’t much much colour or focus in the background from the ducks backwards. I think a way that this could be improved is by changing the angle of the photograph or change the timing of the day due to the evening fog that’s in the background of the photograph. However one aspect regarding the colour are the ducks in the foreground focus point of the photograph where the colour is rather vacant which could confuse the eye of the viewer. I think the weakness of this photograph are the lines as they are few and simplistic like the lines of the pathway. However I like the lines that are created by the sun in the photograph, just above the second duck to the left of the picture, which I think could contribute to the fog-like background in the picture. The shapes fit nicely in the photograph which I think is a strength in this photograph, especially in the foreground where it contributes the the clear-ness of the photograph. Also one other thing that I’ve noticed to do with the shapes is that in the background in the kind of foggy area there is an example of the lines and shapes overlapping on the left side of the photograph. I like how there is an equal amount of repetition in the photograph regarding the colour and and the shape e.g. the grass and the colour in the background. I think one thing that this photograph could represent the relationship between animal and human with the way the ducks are running across the pathway in the common that the photograph that was taken.