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Which Way Now? Phil Georgiadis, Walker Media


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In this presentation, Phil Georgiadis argues that the industry spends too much time worrying about the next big thing as opposed to fully understanding how to exploit the current big thing. As examples he suggested that Touchpoints surveys encourage the wrong planning behaviours, and digital media’s importance in media planning has been exaggerated. Where change is required however is in the media trading market, which needs to overhaul its habits.

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Which Way Now? Phil Georgiadis, Walker Media

  1. 1. Wise man , he say
  2. 2. Everything changes
  3. 3. conservativeconservative
  4. 4. "the more things change, the more they stay the same" Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr
  5. 5. A proverb making the observation that turbulent changes do not affect reality on a deeper level other than to cement the status quo. source:wiktionary
  6. 6. From disruption to engagement?
  7. 7. extended engagement?
  8. 8. "Bought , owned and earnt..."
  9. 9. "integrated marketing...."
  10. 10. Our definition of ‘Online’ is misleading us
  11. 11. Touch points encourages media mix as the default behaviour
  12. 12. In truth the structure remains the same
  13. 13. Television planning has changed least
  14. 14. Share based Relative price focused High Reach obsessed
  15. 15. CRR sustains the behaviour
  16. 16. Group agency trading requires commoditisation
  17. 17. Audit that
  18. 18. sacrifice
  19. 19. Unique telling point
  20. 20. All media are primary
  21. 21. Less focus on media integration more focus on message integration
  22. 22. Focus on absolute price and total effect
  23. 23. The future in the hands of the strong media owners