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Quick Linked Data Introduction

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Quick Linked Data Introduction

  1. 1. a quick intro into linked data
  2. 2. Web of Documents
  3. 3. from humans for humans Web of Documents
  4. 4. and machines? not really welcome … Web of Documents
  5. 5. then, in 1998, an idea took shape: linked data, by Tim Berners-Lee.
  6. 6. link DATA rather than DOCUMENTS Web of Data
  7. 7. but wait. haven’t we been doing that for years, now? Web of Data
  8. 8. we have CSV, relational data, XML, key-value data, etc. Web of Data
  9. 9. true. but it’s not about the surface or exchange syntax. Web of Data
  10. 10. actually it is about a data (RDF) and naming (URI) model on the Web. Web of Data