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Audience Research


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Audience Research

  1. 1. Target AudienceMonday, 21 January 13
  2. 2. When asked why Twitter is better than Facebook our target audience replied with... 9/10/2012 19:40View Responses You can say more in facebook 9/10/2012 18:02View Responses More people make status’ 9/10/2012 16:13View Responses fb is an overall better site, People think twitter is better because they became bored of face book, typical human beings 9/10/2012 13:03View Responses Much easier to navigate, less arguments 9/10/2012 12:50View Responses Less arguments and controversy also no advertisements. 8/10/2012 22:20View Responses Less complicated 8/10/2012 15:26View Responses Lots more people use it and it is a way of keeping in touch with modern societyMonday, 21 January 13
  3. 3. When we asked our target audience their thoughts on whether Twitter has positive or negative affects this is what they responded with: 9/10/2012 19:40View Responses Allows people to express their negative view to a broader audience, whilst in policed at such a level that it contradicts freedom of speech. 9/10/2012 18:02View Responses It allows people to interact with celebrities in a way they wouldn’t be able to normally. 9/10/2012 17:15View Responses People spend time tweeting instead of working and doing normal activities 9/10/2012 16:13View Responses Everybodys on their phone too much 9/10/2012 15:20View Responses It degrades society as its annoying and people have no respect for there own life having to show everyone what theyre doing 24/7 9/10/2012 13:03View Responses Lets everyone keep in touch 9/10/2012 12:50View Responses Can be useful 8/10/2012 22:20View Responses negative, bullying can happen and people can still get abused on it 8/10/2012 15:31View Responses keeps people up to date 8/10/2012 15:26View ResponsesMonday, 21 January 13
  4. 4. Audience Profile The audience that we are aiming our documentary at are aged 15-35 and interested in social networking sites in particular Twitter. They have a keen interest in what’s going on in the world and always like to keep in touch with their #iends.Monday, 21 January 13
  5. 5. Audience Profile Example of a member of our target audience Name: Joe Broomfield Age: 17 Interests: Going out, spending time with #iends, spending time on his laptop and smartphone, listening to music, going on social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and also likes looking at YouTube. Occupation: attends co$ege and is hoping to go to universityMonday, 21 January 13
  6. 6. Conclusion This research into our target audience has helped us to know what their interests are so that we can bear this in mind when creating our documentary so that it appeals and relates to them.Monday, 21 January 13