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Media Redefined Corporate Profile


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Media Redefined Corporate Profile

  1. 1. mr
  2. 2. BRI AboutE UsF
  3. 3. We  are  a  digital  media  &  technology  agency  offering  strategy  consul6ng  and  execu6on  of  Digital/  Social  Media  plans  aligned  to  the  business  objec6ves  across  Marke6ng,  Sales,  Customer  Support  and  other  ver6cals.We’re  based  out  of  NOIDA,  India.Our  core  objec6ve  is  to  track,  build  and  leverage   social  media  spaces  for  brands  using  effec6ve   content,  technology  &  prac6ces.
  4. 4. Our  USPs   •  Over  3  years  of  experience  working  with  large   brands  &  startups. •  Exper6se  in  Digital  Technology   implementa6on.  Includes  –  Microsites,   Facebook  Ads,  CMS,  facebook  apps,  social   dashboards,  tracking  tools,  portals,  etc. •  In  house  product  ‘Dokito’    for  Social  Media   Analy6cs  &  Reports. •  Blogger/  Influencer  rela6ons  programs  across   the  country  with  a  network  of  over  150   Bloggers.
  5. 5. WHAT We Do?
  6. 6. We  create  digital/  social  media  plans  that  are  aligned  to  business  objec6ves  for  brands,  products,  events,  etc.We  plan,  build  and  nurture  online  communi6es  to  drive  reach  &  engagement.We  listen,  respond  and  measure  effec6ve  conversa6ons  on  the  web,  nulling  down  the  noise  to  the  best  using  our  in-­‐house  product  ‘Dokito’.We  iden6fy  evangelists,  consumers  and  prospects  to  catalyze  user  generated  content  across  social  media  pla[orms  and  blogs,  giving  a  brand  ‘word  of  mouth’  outreach.
  7. 7. Create  &  use  Social  Dashboards  for  Online  Reputa6on  Management  with  detailed  reports  and  insightsHost  Blogger/  Influencer  Rela6onship  Programs  (BRPs)  for  product  reviews,  feedback/  surveys.  This  includes  hos6ng  offline  meets  across  major  ci6es.We’re  a  business  account  holder  for  facebook  ads  to  run  premium  Ad  Campaigns  and  ContestsWe  develop  Microsites,  CMS  and  portals
  8. 8. Social Media Strategic Planning •  Iden%fy  Current  Online  Reputa%on   •  Iden%fy  Key  Stakeholders   •  List  exis%ng  &  relevant  social  media   proper%es   •  Develop  Content  and  Engagement   Strategies   •  Build  Real  %me  social  support   systems   •  Address  Social  App  requirement  
  9. 9. Online Reputation Management •  Handle  Social  web  Communica%on   •  Custom  tools  and  apps  to  listen,  track   and  respond  to  consumers  and   prospects   •  Real  %me  conversa%ons  and   engagement   •  Generate  Monthly  Listening  Reports   and  Insights  
  10. 10. Blogger Relationship Program •  A  network  of  150+  blogs  across   ci%es  and  genres   •  Iden%fying  key  bloggers  in  the   relevant  category   •  Content  strategy  and  classifica%on   of  bloggers   •  Bloggers’  Meets  across  ci%es   •  Blog  reviews  of  products  &  services  
  11. 11. Social Apps•  Facebook  Apps  •  Standalone  apps  integrated  with   Facebook,  TwiSer  and  Google  •  Brands  can  start  conversa%on   around  a  product/service  and  build   customer  profiles  •  Tracking/  Listening  tools  for  brands   and  compe%tors  on  Social  Media  
  12. 12. Microsites•  Create  user  persona  and  user   journey  maps  •  Build  wireframes    •  Design  user  interfaces    •  Develop  backend  databases  and   func%onality  •  Empower  campaigns  with  scalable   websites  
  13. 13. Knowledge Management Systems •  Thought  Collabora%on  Systems                –  Co-­‐spaces   •  Real  Time  Alert  –  SMS,  Email,  RSS   based   •  Think  of  Chat,  Wiki,  document   sharing,  email  into  one   •  Enterprises  can  discuss,  work  and   share  in  co-­‐spaces  
  14. 14. Digital/ Social Technology Implementation Content   Facebook  AppsManagement  Systems Lead   Collabora6ve Management   Tools Systems Social  Dashboards Micro  Sites
  15. 15. Corporate Services
  16. 16. We  Strategize We  Consult•  Align  Organiza%onal  and   •  Social  Media  Planning   Communica%on  Objec%ves   •  Blog  Consul%ng  •  Iden%fy  Target  Audience   •  Organiza%onal  Knowledge  •  Iden%fy  Communica%on  Tools   Mgmt.  •  Communica%on  Audit   •  Online  Brand  Mgmt.  •  Social  Syndica%on  &   •  Social  So^wares   Aggrega%on   In a nutshell We  do  Social  Media   Integrated  Events We  Implement•  Blogger  Rela%onship  Programs   •  Social  Media  Strategies   (BRPs)   •  Microsites  &  Portals  •  Corporate  Workshops   •  New  age  social  media  tools    •  Social  Media  Coverage  of  Events   •  Online  Reputa%on  Mgmt.  
  17. 17. Some of our Clients
  18. 18. Some of our Clients
  19. 19. Contact  Us! Connect  with  us;Mobile:   +91  9811396858Office:     +91  120  250  0351Email: mrSnail  Mail: Media  Redefined LGF,  D-­‐23,  Sector-­‐50 NOIDA  (U.P.) 201301.  INDIA