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Marketing obrazem 2015: Coca-Cola na Snapchatu


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Marketing obrazem 2015: Coca-Cola na Snapchatu

  1. 1. #Socialmedia @cocacolaczech
  2. 2. Coca-Cola accounts Facebook • Global page and Regional pages for 45 biggest markets (geo targeted for smaller markets) Twitter • Global account which can be geo targeted or local Twitter accounts Instagram • Global account and local accounts Snapchat • Global account and local accounts
  3. 3. Czech republic Snapchat Local account Instagram Local account 1100 followers Facebook Regional page 276K Fans Facebook • 6-7 times a week Central and Local Instagram • 4 times a week Snapchat • 1-2 times a week (during a campaign) *This is at the current situation which constantly updated based on new trends, seasons, local campaigns etc.
  4. 4. Snapchat Snapchat in Numbers Over 100M Users 60% female 40% male North America: 50% Europe: 31% Australia / Oceania: 5% South America: 5% Other: 9% 13 –17 yo: 35% 18 –24 yo : 42% 25 –34 yo : 16% 35 –54 yo : 6% 55 yo -over: 1% Opportunities & Benefits of Snapchat Snapchat was the top growing social app in 2014 at 57% growth ahead of both Pinterest and Instagram. Snapchat believe in the integrity of conversation —personal, unguarded, and of the moment. The fear of missing out (FOMO) is a massive contributing factor to the increasing amount of Snapchat users who have a daily return rate of 75% and send 700 million snaps per day. Source: GlobalWebIndex – Oct 2014 Ireland 52% Sweden 46% Belgium 46% Canada 41% UK 40% USA 38% France 28% Saudi Arabia 26% Germany 24% UK 40% , teens
  5. 5. Snapchat 1st Stage – Getting followers • We used our current channels to promote the new account • Building curiosity by revealing secret message 2nd Stage – Exclusive content for our followers • To attract more users to follow us we gave them exclusive content – Famous influencer messages 3rd Stage – Competition • To make our communication interesting and playful we created competitions just for Snapchat
  6. 6. Results Followers: 2322 Stories views: 14 800 Screenshots taken: 233 Received videos and pictures: 1171 Media coverage: mistrovstvi-v-cr-svuj-snapchat/#.VUcoubuJjcs snapchatu/ snapchat-jako-prvni-v-ramci-evropske-site + 2 in print Influencers branded content on their Snapchat: Gabriela Heclova – 3300 My story views Johny Machette – 2500 My story views Examples of received content:
  7. 7. Snapchat for advertisers Sponsored Updates Ads appear in the ‘Recent Updates’ feed in the ‘My Friends’ section of the app. The ad vanishes from users’ feed after 24 hours if they choose not to see it. Advertisers can promote videos or photos with a unique CPV model. Sponsored “Our Stories” Users share snaps based on big events (e.g.: NBA, Halloween, Festivals, etc.) and brands curate stories that have been submitted. The end result is a Story told from a community perspective with lots of different points view. Brands can use videos or photos and the ads can be geo- targeted specifically to the event being promoted. Discover Discover is a content section within the app, which features daily content from selected digital publishers like Nat Geo, Yahoo! News, Vice, Daily Mail, etc. In partnership with these publishers and Snapchat, advertisers can place branded sponsored message within the daily publisher content. Visitors open Snapchat 22x daily 700 million snaps sent each day 500 million stories viewed each day
  8. 8. What about the Czech Republic?
  9. 9. Kateřina Černická T +420 725 424 082 T +420 725 424 082