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Zara timms


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Case Study: The Benefits Of An Increased Frequency Strategy
Overview of Aviva’s campaign expansion into an increased frequency strategy in 2013. From gaining internal buy in to the learnings and results achieved throughout the first year of testing.

Zara Timms, Digital Marketing Manager, Aviva

Published in: Marketing
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Zara timms

  1. 1. Aviva Email The Benefits Of An Increased Frequency Strategy 1
  2. 2. 2 About me
  3. 3. 3 Aviva email – the numbers 4 million targeted emails sent monthly 49 monthly prospect campaigns 30 monthly customer campaigns 21 pre-purchase trigger emails 27 on-boarding and renewal trigger emails
  4. 4. 4 Where we started - data quality 64% more quotes with the same volume of data and spend Opens up 15% CTR up 18% Duplicate records reduced from 25% down to 2%
  5. 5. Initial consideration set Moment of purchase Active evaluation Information gathering/shopping Post purchase experience On going exposure Build advocacy through engagement IN LIFE STRATEGY3. Drive offer awareness and generate quotes 2. Create top of mind consideration & build trust PROSPECT STRATEGY (OFF REN)1. Guiding the customer through Renewal RENEWAL STRATEGY4. Pre-disposition Shortlist Converting Loyalty Trigger PROSPECT STRATEGY (ON REN) Previous enquirers – renewal dated Ex customers – renewal dated Previous enquirers Previous customers Quote triggersNo renewal dates Aviva email – the approach
  6. 6. Send frequency
  7. 7. Quote enquiry Quote confirmation, +3 & +7 days reminder Survey Winback & Enquirer on-ren Increased Frequency Testing off-ren Off renewal sales email Newsletter Acquisition on-renewal targeted Off renewal sales email Newsletter Newsletter Survey Increased frequency - the cycle Off renewal sales email
  8. 8. Increased frequency – the results
  9. 9. Increased frequency – the results
  10. 10. Increased frequency – the results
  11. 11. Increased frequency – the results
  12. 12. Increased frequency – the tactics
  13. 13. Unsubscribes?
  14. 14. Attribution - what is the true impact of email?
  15. 15. Source: Hitwise upstream and down stream traffic from email services Hitwise data – 3rd party validation
  16. 16. Attribution – non linear: Econometrics Econometrics – non linear marketing mix modelling
  17. 17. Ebenchmarkers – competitor benchmarking Attribution – benchmarking against peers
  18. 18. Attribution – the consideration research ICM – Consideration research pre and post quote
  19. 19. The Email Agency Effect Source: DMA National Client Survey 2013 “One of the greatest barriers to success, continues to be the struggle over provision of internal resource (45%). Most businesses have less than one staff hour a day allocated to email marketing.”
  20. 20. 20 Email: Twitter: @zaratimms Thank you