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The State of Privacy and Location Marketing


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We will discuss how privacy regulation and iOS 13 privacy updates have impacted the availability and confidence within location marketing data. This discussion is critical for marketers that rely on behavioral audience data, footfall attribution, creative optimization, and proximity media delivery.

As the industry’s leading independent validation & insights company, our mission is to create transparency. Our core product, Verify, gives marketers and suppliers critical insights about the accuracy, compliance and the quality of their location marketing today.

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The State of Privacy and Location Marketing

  1. 1. Who are we? Goal: To improve business outcomes of location marketing by increasing the level of transparency and insight of today’s location data supply chain. ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓
  2. 2. Why is there a need for location transparency?
  3. 3. State of Location Advertising Findings: 2019 2 65% of digital ad campaigns use inaccurate or poor-quality location signals 36% of 16,000 publishers are fraudulent 40% average increase in performance driven by transparency
  4. 4. QSR client Verify revealed that a large portion of the ad impressions were delivered well outside of Minneapolis, including other countries 18% of impressions served 125mi – 300mi away Another 7% were served to suspicious or questionable data signals Up to 25% savings potential
  6. 6. A Preview of Privacy Behavior & Marketing Impact
  7. 7. iOS 13 eases users’ ability to customize location data sharing
  8. 8. iOS 13 Adoption & Events Post iOS 13 Data Quality background location data
  9. 9. iOS 13 % Impact on media quality % Impact on audience and attribution
  10. 10. Slide 10 11 shouldn't we simply show something like this? _Assigned to jason.smith@locationsciences.com_ Raisa Berger, 1/20/2020
  11. 11. Examples include location derived behavioral audiences (e.g. QSR visitors) or footfall attribution offerings. Examples include location derived behavioral audiences (e.g. QSR visitors) or footfall attribution offerings. 68% decrease in background location data since iOS 13 release3 1
  12. 12. Slide 11 1 I'm wondering if we want a slide after this that speaks to the variance btw foreground and background location data, 1) how iOS13 impacts the 2) how low location relevant apps and experiences contribute to much of the data decay? it would add a critical element to the report which is that much of the data that ISN'T being shared now is related to iOS's previous loose requirements for location data sharing - essentially anyone could have used it, and bunch of apps that didn't require it did - sort inflating the marketplace of location data. maybe the market is now rightsizing? _Assigned to christy.davies@locationsciences.com_ Jason Smith, 1/10/2020
  13. 13. Only 47,977 devices or 5.4% of the audience pool is accurate Tier 1 QSR Audience Validation
  14. 14. 24% decrease in GPS bidstream data post iOS 134 – lower quality data 100% Inaccurate IP 24% Quality GPS
  15. 15. Key Findings
  16. 16. What should marketers do next?
  17. 17. Thank you
  18. 18. Report references and notes Read more → Read more →