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Sponsor Spotlight: Publishers Clearing House


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Sponsor Spotlight: Publishers Clearing House

  1. 1. The PCH Experience
  2. 2. Publishers Clearing House is a leading direct to consumer entertainment and shopping destination for millions of US consumers. * * Comscore data 2019
  3. 3. PCH Commerce Experience
  4. 4. $286MM Home & Garden $58MM Health and Beauty $54MM Jewelry $131MM Cooking $11MM Pet Supplies Top Purchase Categories
  5. 5. PCH Proprietary Brands A fresh and innovative approach to home goods at incredible values. High quality, classic and traditional items for yourself and home. At home comfort and style for off-the-map adventures. Attractive Southwest styles with vibrant details at incredible savings. On-trend fashion jewelry Design collection all at Remarkable values.
  6. 6. The PCH Marketplace *This is just an ad example not a final execution
  7. 7. Co-Branded Sweepstakes Example
  8. 8. Thank You!