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Pancheros’ Digital-First Brand Makeover


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More than a “campaign,” Pancheros’ recent brand push put digital and data at the center. But how do you reorganize diverse franchisees around social-first local tactics? And relaunch an app so that it nearly doubles participation? And use its data to unlock the power of fanatical customers…and the untapped power of queso? VP of Marketing Ryan Murrin serves up lessons learned in a digital-first brand makeover.

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Pancheros’ Digital-First Brand Makeover

  2. 2. 2019 National Franchisee Conference What the hell is a Pancheros? Started at University of Iowa 70 Locations, 13 States It’s all about the tortilla We mix before we roll
  3. 3. 2019 National Franchisee Conference
  4. 4. 2019 National Franchisee Conference State of the Union: 2018 App Advertising Social Guest Feedback Pickup Online ReputationLoyalty Delivery
  5. 5. 2019 National Franchisee Conference Guest Insights Our guests are tech-savvy pragmatists Our guests are researchers Our guests are frequent diners & promiscuous • They index highly for online ordering and loyalty app usage • They index highly for Cord- Cutters and streaming audio providers like Spotify. • They index highly for being Informed buyers,  likely knowledgeable about products, including reading product labels and shopping to take advantage of bargains. • More than 45% of our guests spend $2000 - $4999 a year on dining out, while 12% spend more than $5000 • Our guests are dining across categories; at fast food, QSR & casual dining.
  6. 6. 2019 National Franchisee Conference Designing around the customer journey Awareness Consideration PreferenceTransaction Loyalty/ Advocacy
  7. 7. 2019 National Franchisee Conference The App Unique Guests 87,777 •Participation Rate was declining •Downloads were flat •Treating all of our guests the same way •Most checkins (66%) were at Point of Sale
  8. 8. 2019 National Franchisee Conference Make it Relevant Make it Central to Marketing Make it Useful App & Loyalty Priorities •Segment guests •Build behavior-driven campaigns •Use it as a comms channel •Fix order flow •Make it visually appealing •Introduce delivery •Include tracking •Feature in advertising & social •Build campaigns around app •Leverage our fans
  9. 9. 2019 National Franchisee Conference February: App Campaigns Segmented Campaigns Compression Campaigns
  10. 10. 2019 National Franchisee Conference April: New Digital-First Campaign
  11. 11. 2019 National Franchisee Conference May: Delivery Launch •May - National Delivery Launch •Paid Media, In-Store, In- App, PR •Results •Delivery launch resulted in sustained incremental sales •Online ordering increased •Participation Rate increased by almost 20% •App downloads & signups almost tripled Thanks to a breakthrough in burrito logistics, Pancheros can now come to you! So stay on that couch, grab the app, and get Pancheros delivered to your door. A message from your friends at the Pancheros Dept. of Tortilla Transport.
  12. 12. 2019 National Franchisee Conference June: Review Management & Customer Satisfaction Customer SatisfactionReview Management
  13. 13. 2019 National Franchisee Conference September: National Queso Day •September: National Queso Day / Queso Cup •Paid Media, In-Store, In-App, PR •Results •Promotion drove 6% Comp •506% Return on Investment •$1.1 Million in new CLV •Singups increased 40% during promo •Signups stayed 8% higher after promo
  14. 14. 2019 National Franchisee Conference Updated Order Flow & Visual Appeal October: App Update
  15. 15. 2019 National Franchisee Conference December: 12 Days of Pancheros •December: Twelve Days of Pancheros •Paid Media, In-Store, In-App, PR •Results •Participation rate during promo doubled vs. prior period last year •47% of new guests made a purchase in the following 2 weeks •Beat previous online ordering single day record by 48% •130% increase in app downloads
  16. 16. 2019 National Franchisee Conference Loyalty Growth •Participation Rate •Increased by 54% •Peaked at 2x vs. 2018 •Check Ins •55.2% at Point of Sale •28% Mobile Check-In •Signups •50% increase in past 6 months vs. same period last year •Referrals increased by 163% in Q4 vs. last year •Referral sales more than tripled •Unique Guests •Increased by 38% •Sales •Loyalty sales increased by 37% •Online sales increased every quarter in 2019 •Overall sales are way up Unique Guests 121,000
  17. 17. THANK YOU