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Ogsf tue 1400 david veneski

  1. 1. Get on Base, Score RunsHitting For The Cycle in DigitalMoneyball David Veneski || U.S. Media @dveneski
  2. 2. “You don’t get to tell customerswhat they get to think anymore.” Barry Judge || BBY CMO
  3. 3. Control is in the hands of the consumer more than everbefore….And the ‘taste-makers’ are getting younger.
  4. 4. The significance of a singlecompany’s place within the Web…
  5. 5. Our Digital Philosophy? Innovate || Surprise || Add Value || Measure || Learn
  6. 6. People Don’t Buy Processors…They Buy EXPERIENCES
  7. 7. Today, you need to turn a moment into momentum and momentuminto a movement... so I say, MAKE CONVERSATIONS NOT ADS...
  8. 8. “But brands have a challenge now. This is the age of real-time content production.The focus has shifted from being iconic to posting a status update.” MediaPost "Your Brand Is Batman"
  9. 9. We’re Engineering Company… So We Measure. Everything.
  10. 10. Measurement Aside… …We’re Curious By Nature
  11. 11. And We Like Being First To The Party…
  12. 12. “I think that people thatmake rules about howto do ads, make rulesbecause they dontknow how to make ads” Mr. Joe Staples || W+K
  13. 13. If more brands were willing to take risks….Advertising, as a whole, would be a lot more interesting.
  14. 14. Remember, It’s Just The Beginning…