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  • From the OMMA website: “It's here. It's everywhere. And it's also all the time. Media has gone hyper-connective, and the ubiquitous connections are leading advertisers, agencies and technology platforms to develop new forms of messaging, story-telling, branding that leverage every port or pixel a consumer is connected to. Sound like hype? Nope, it's hyper-connectivity, meaning it is no longer about when and where, so much as what you are saying to whom. OMMA Global New York will explore the always-on, ever-connected, constantly back-channeled nature of marketing, media and advertising.”\n\n
  • Telephones in lieu of smart phones\nSnail mail in lieu of email\nTypewriters instead of computers\nSecretaries in lieu of text messages\nDeals were done over whiskey and cigarettes\n\nPeople realized the importance of staying connected. In the 1970s, communication takes a shift towards “on demand” with the pager, early stages of email, computers, fax, and cordless phones.\n\nXerox releases the first version of a fax machine - Xerox Telecopier\nFirst email sent between two side-by-side computers on ARPANET network\nFirst commercially successful pager - Motorola Pageboy - the first development towards mobile productivity\nWith the launch of the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X, we saw the first series of commercially available mobile, wireless phones\n
  • \n
  • \n
  • Stat 1: nielsen\nStat 2: NYTimes/Pew Research -- number refers to ADULTS\nStat 4: Total number worldwide after Q2 2011. This is almost five times the amount sold in Q2 2010. \n\nStat 5: Now that "retweet" has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary, Twitter has cemented its presence in the American lexicon. According to the web analytics firm ComScore, 32.8 million unique visitors went to the site in July.\n\nThe concept of delivering a message to your customer is much more complex.\n
  • Definition taken from Wikipedia\n\nAt Wikia, we come across hyper-connected users every day\n
  • \n
  • Quick explanation of difference between Wikipedia and Wikia \n\nLinkedIn stat came from recent Nielsen report\n
  • PLACEHOLDER FOR VIDEO\n\n67% Male\n50% Ages 18-34\n41% have $75K+ HHI\n\n
  • \nUses smartphone before getting out of bed\nConnects and plays with gamers across the country\n\n- Edits on Wikia: 8- Image uploads: 2.5- Chat conversations: 2- Comments: 3- Mobile app gameplay: 1\n\n\n
  • Total number of pages = 15.3 million\n
  • \n
  • Key questions. Transition to Wikia Ad Sales\n\n\n
  • Like Wikia, become a vehicle for connectivity AND a catalyst. Easiest way to accomplish this is through user-generated content. Allowing users to easily share knowledge, who then urge their friends to share, too.\n\n\n
  • The production of content by the general public rather than by paid professionals and experts in the field. Also called "peer production”. \n\nExplain behavior shift - this is unavoidable. \n\nDiscussion boards\nBlogs\nWikis\nSocial networking sites\nAdvertising\nFanfiction\nNews Sites\nTrip planners\nMobile Photos & Videos\nCustomer review sites\nAudio\nVideo games\n\n\n\n
  • \n-cited from clickZ\n\n
  • Example: Wikia Gaming Vertical\n-quotes from Examiner.com\n-stats from sales surveys and focus groups\n\nCool tidbit: users spent 58 years on the Fallout wiki in 18 days after a new game release\nGood story of how gaming users communicate: http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Call_of_Duty_Wiki:CoDferences\n\n
  • \n
  • Sharing is king, and social search is growing. If you let them go deep, they automatically develop trust and loyalty\n\n
  • Give users the opportunity to be social on a specific interest or topic. Allowing people to connect in specific niches (or circles, like Google might claim), allows for more meaningful content exchange.\n\n(Social search is the enhancement to core search engine results with social media annotations from an individual’s friends and those they follow online.)\n\nUsers demand features that make their web experience social.\n\n
  • \n
  • Proof of previous slide. \n\nGlee Wiki At A Glance\n500K monthly uniques worldwide\n4.1 million monthly page views worldwide\n1,006 total pages of content\n19,340 user-uploaded photos\nCollectively, fans spent a total of 45 years on the site since January 1, 2011.\n1000 registered editors, making roughly 4.3 edits to the site per minute in the past week \nUsers have made over 30K comments on article pages in the past week \nUsers spend an average of 5.5 minutes on the site each visit\nIn April, users wrote 700 blog posts on the site\nDemographic: 55% female, 61% 13-14 year olds\n\nA SuperGleeky Community: Fun Facts\nGleeks have created an engaging, organic community on Wikia. For example, users created their own unique vocabulary to connect to the show and each other:\nCharacter combos: Gleeks combine characters name to create a couple pairing (aka Finn + Rachel = Finchel) \nTo Ship - to back a specific couple on the show. (I ship “Finchel”)\nUsers have even organized themselves into Ship Armies (for example the Finchel Team) where they band together to defend a Glee couple\nThe Glee Wiki is a real-time destination for the SuperGleek  \nLive Chat allows users to interact in real-time, especially before, during, and after new episodes air \nUsers write extensive episode guides, with some pages getting over 12K comments ("Born This Way")\nUsers created 170 Top 10 Lists, and vote up or down to rank favorite Glee moments (including a pretty funny 10 Best Brittany Quotes list)\nUsers are brand advocates, promoting the Glee Wiki outside the site\nGleeks created a Tumblr to host site news\nYouTube channel to promote Glee Wiki (including a user-made commercial for the wiki)\n\n\n
  • \n
  • Important to consider mobile as a rapidly growing channel:\nOn average, 1 in 10 visits are from a mobile device\nOur data shows fewer visits from PCs and more visits from smartphone. Percentage of smartphone visits to Wikia.com is steadily increasing. Mobile App downloads have also been increasing.\n\nIt’s clear that our users are trending towards mobile use, aligning with other hyper-connected behaviors\n\n\n
  • This is an example of true hyperconnectiivity - using smartphone while playing online computer games to allow for super efficient gameplay.\n\nAlso an example of how Wikia communities share knowledge and engage on and off the site, across the social media landscape.\n\nThe Wikia Game Guides application gives you detailed information about your favorite video games, powered by the best source available -- real players, real fans. Get the latest tips, tricks, and cheats from our top gaming wikis right on your mobile device.\n
  • Once steps 1-3 are complete, publishers are equipped to create relationships between brand imagery and user\n\n
  • 1) Targeted IAB Media - \nindustry standard offerings and strategies based on proprietary wiki metrics (Allows marketers to predict and prolong traffic Spikes, get insight into Key Word Searches, see what songs people are listening to…) You can also reach different types of users here. Target against your competition! \n2) Engagement Products\nThese are more immersive - mobile games, polls, trivia, giveaways, seamlessly sponsored by your brand. Have presence in your consumers’ conversations.\nSkyrim example - most successful immersive sweepstakes campaign of the summer, ran with Bethesda Games. \n\nObjectives:\nBuild Awareness of game release within the M18-34 demo\nDrive trailer views for The Elder Scrolls V: Skryim\nReward fans through a low barrier sweeps\nDetails:\nUsers were prompted to view a :15 second trailer for an entry to win an Xbox 360 and a copy of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim\nUsers were encouraged to share the sweeps with their friends on Facebook\nResults:\nHigh viewer participation with over 8 thousand entrants and counting!\nOver 52 mm impressions\n\n\n
  • New fall TV lineup/programming\nNew blockbuster movies\nNew video games\nHoliday gifts and product launches\nYou, the audience knows what will be hot - and whatever that “big” thing will be, there will be a wiki and a passionate community for it on Wikia.\n
  • If we’ve learned one thing from hyper-connectivity, it’s that people WANT to share. Let your consumers share, assume good faith, and reap the benefits. \n\nWhere are your consumers going to curate content and connect with their peers? Wikia. \n\n\n\n
  • Ogny mon 0845 jimmy wales

    1. 1. HYPER-CONNECTIVITYJIMMY WALESChairman Emeritus, WikiMedia Foundation and Wikia
    2. 2. MAD MEN ERA
    5. 5. HOW FAR WE’VE COME • 1 out of every 2 Americans own a smartphone • 1 out of every 2 Americans uses social networks • 295 billion emails sent each day • 15.1 million tablets shipped worldwide • “Retweet” added to Oxford English Dictionary
    6. 6. HYPER-CONNECTIVITYDEFINED email, instantface-to-face c messaging, te ontact, Web 2 lephone, .0 information services.
    7. 7. WHAT IS WIKIA? • A collaborative publishing platform • A resource AND a community • #3 most visited social site for males 18-34 rtainment, lifestyles ga ming, ente
    8. 8. MEET JAMIE H. • Male • 29 years old • College grad • Software rep • Favorite Wiki: Marvel, Mad Men
    9. 9. A DAY IN THE HYPER-CONNECTED LIFE 10 Hours online yes Smartphone 11 Texts 30+ Emails 3 Web-enabled gaming consoles
    10. 10. JAMIE IS ONE OF 45M USERS Per day 80,000 hours spent on Wikia 720 57k 260k 73k 592 Pages of Wikis Edits Images Videos content created made uploaded uploaded created
    11. 11. MODERN ENGAGEMENT–HOW? • How do you stand out among the white noise? • How do you reach your consumers meaningfully? • How do you keep up with communication preferences? • How do you choose from all the media options out there?
    12. 12. 4 LESSONS FROM WIKIA Give users control to 1 get authentic content.
    13. 13. SURRENDERCONTENT CONTROL User-generated content = publicly available media content produced by the end-user
    14. 14. UCG IS: • Trusted. • Encourages contributors to promote the content. • Provides information sources for prospects and customers. • Allows for critical feedback and brand conversations. • Forms a tight community.
    15. 15. WIKIA GAMING VERTICAL • Self-policing contributors made 786,000 edits in July • 2.7M pages of content • 70% trust the content because it’s created by their peers • 65% say Wikis influence game buying decisions “A great resource “Wiki farms are slowly for getting hints and taking over the FAQ world strategy tips to your and Wikia is the best for current obsession.” gaming.”
    16. 16. 4 LESSONS FROM WIKIA Give users control to 1 get authentic content. 2 Let them go deep.
    17. 17. DEEP, RICH CONTENT • Deep = Authentic • Unlike the encyclopedia model, allow your users to share every minuscule detail • Exposes the passion of real fans
    18. 18. THE GLEE WIKI
    19. 19. THE GLEE WIKI • 1,000 pages of user-generated content • Fans spent >45 years on the site in 5 months • Created videos, Tumblr, and a YouTube channel to promote the Glee Wiki • Established their own viral vocabulary, top 10 lists, and fan fiction • Built teams, banding together under common rules and interests
    20. 20. 4 LESSONS FROM WIKIA Give users control to 1 get authentic content. 2 Let them go deep. Give them every way 3 to communicate.
    21. 21. WIKIA MOBILE • 1 in 10 visits are from a mobile device • Smartphone and tablet use is trending up, displacing PC share • 10x increase in mobile share in past 2 years
    22. 22. GAME GUIDES APP Gamers use their smartphone as a second screen during online gameplay. They get fast access to tips and tricks from the Wikia gaming community.
    23. 23. 4 LESSONS FROM WIKIA Give users control to 1 get authentic content. 2 Let them go deep. Give them every way Integrate brands 3 to communicate. 4 holistically.
    24. 24. WIKIA SOLUTIONS Targeted Media Engagement Products
    26. 26. CONCLUSION Be a part of the conversation. Questions? Tweet with #JimboAtOMMA