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Mis tue 0845 ryan wein

  1. 1. Capitalizing on Mobile Moments that Matter1
  2. 2. Good News for the Industry… Number of Automotive Entities Advertising on Mobile 169% increas Auto is theTop 5 e Mobile Advertising Vertical -- with spend growing by 236% in 20112
  3. 3. Bad News For Me…3
  4. 4. None of Us Win With Mobile Ad Spend Alone Advertiser Months Advertised Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun July Aug Sep Oct Lexus BUICK Chevrolet Toyota Mazda Honda Kia Ford Nissan Subaru4Source: Nielsen Ad Relevance Jan~Oct 2011
  5. 5. The Purchase Path Has Changed5
  6. 6. 57% laptop ownership6
  7. 7. 53% smartphone ownership7
  8. 8. 19% tablet ownership8
  9. 9. The Year of Smartphone Came Early for Kia9
  10. 10. The Way We Engage Has Changed Surfing on the couch Searching on the go Seeking info, deals on the go10
  11. 11. TV and Mobile Are Irrevocably Connected 70% of tablet and 68% of smartphone owners said they use their devices while11 watching
  12. 12. Mobile trafficsurged by 47%on the day ofSuper Bowl Page views per visit increased by 56% during the same week
  13. 13. FLASH POLLThe top 3 mostsearchedcategories viamobile devices?
  14. 14. Mobile Users Are Looking for Us % of Overall Google Queries that are Mobile (by category) Restaurants 29.6% Autos 16.8% Cons umer 15.5% ele…  Mobile search is used 32% more than PC search  Smartphone users search over 20x per month on their phone  71% of smartphone users have used search after seeing an adSource: Google company presentation, Macquarie Capital, March 2011
  15. 15. Our Window of Response Has Decreased 70% mobile searches result in a call to a business, visit or purchase within the same day 51% of auto searches result in purchases • 49% of mobile users wanted to purchase within the same day15
  16. 16. Automotive Shoppers Look to Mobile to Research Purchases Role of Mobile in Your Car Purchase 70% consumers use mobile to investigate vehiclesSource: Greystripe US smartphone audience 2/11
  17. 17. Top of the Funnel Cannot Be Ignored While visitors to online auto sites are growing at 30% year over year, visitors to mobile auto sites have grown 463%, more than 15 times the rate of growth for online visitation17 Source: Jumptap 2011; Auto Shopper Behavior Study, Google & Compete 2011
  18. 18. Speeding Forward18
  19. 19. Smartphones Will Dominate Social 441 391 minutes per month minutes per moth19
  20. 20. Yet Not All Mobile Sharing Is Facebook Preferred when sharing content more casually at larger scale 48% of sharing on Kia mobile site is via Facebook Preferred when sharing with a specific group of people for specific purposes 66% of sharing on Kia tablet site is via email20
  21. 21. Rise of Tablets Will Happen Even Faster Than Smartphones Tablet visits will surpass smartphone visits by January 2013 and generate over 10% of website visits by early 201421
  22. 22. Tablet Is A Digital Marketers’ Do- Over Do not extend a device, extend the user  Tablet and phone analytics indicate different usage focus – tablets skew toward “consideration” while phone skews “action”22
  23. 23. Users Gravitate to Different Devices Based on Needs Build Your Initiation Choose Color ACTION CONSIDERATION Choose Add-ons Summary Page 54% 16% Leave Site Leave Site When users build & price On the tablet site, upon their Kia on the mobile site, viewing the price they already know which estimate for a customized vehicle they want – very Kia, 37% view another rarely do they view model, 14% rebuild the another model, 16% same vehicle rebuild the same vehicle23
  24. 24. Since Launching a Tablet Customized Site, Improvements Across All KPIs Dealer searches by 114% Return visits by 80% Visits by Quick quotes 50% by 45%24
  25. 25. Change Will Only Accelerate Mobile has tipped the scale of consumer control forever Smartphones and tablets will become the largest source of consumer insights Prioritize your efforts to understand the always connected consumer vs. the technologies25
  26. 26. Thank You26