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MediaPost Marketing Politics Sponsor Vistar Media


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MediaPost Marketing Politics Sponsor Vistar Media

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MediaPost Marketing Politics Sponsor Vistar Media

  1. 1. DOOH 2020: Reaching Your Voters with Precision Out-of-Home
  2. 2. Vistar Media is a programmatic technology company revolutionizing how marketers approach digital out-of-home.
  3. 3. What’s missing from your campaign? Political ad spend is divided between mass reach or precision strategies, concentrated on core media with few dollars devoted to OOH to drive impact
  4. 4. OOH = more than large-form yard signs & billboards Let’s get the preconceived notions out of the way
  5. 5. • Airports • ATMs • Bars • Billboards • Casinos • Casual Dining Restaurants • Convenience Stores • Doctor’s Offices • Family Entertainment • Gas Stations • Gyms • Liquor Stores • Malls • Movie Theaters • Office Buildings • QSR • Retail • Salons • Schools • Sports Entertainment • Street Furniture • Taxis • Taxis | Rideshare • Transit
  7. 7. Precision Targeting… “Personalization at Scale”
  8. 8. HOW VISTAR WORKS Out-of-home is a mass medium focused on reaching groups of people. Vistar’s solution leverages GPS data, the best available source of non-PII data, at the aggregate level to analyze consumer movement patterns. HOW TO TARGET THE RIGHT AUDIENCE Just as the online world uses cookies to target audiences on the websites they visit, Vistar uses GPS based location data to understand how consumers move throughout the day.
  9. 9. Voter Files “I want to reach Independents in my key districts.” Demographic “I want to target hispanic audience” Behavioral “I want to target government officials” Location Data Plus...
  10. 10. ACTIVATING AGAINST AUDIENCES Based on habitual patterns over time, Vistar’s technology is able to analyze the specific times and areas an audience has the highest propensity to be — and identifies all of the DOOH screens that over-index for that target. Vistar will then programmatically bid on the inventory that fits your desired criteria and serve an ad.
  11. 11. Voter File Targeting ● Target your specific voter audience as they move throughout their day ● Privacy-compliant approach to “1st-party data” lets you get granular without concern
  12. 12. Behavioral / Demographic Leverage 3rd-party data from trusted sources to reach specific audiences with tailored messaging Hispanic Adults (Factual) Residents of the top 100 highest indexing zip codes for Hispanic residents. Factual identifies geographic information on users’ homes by seeing what place they consistently spend evenings and nights. Capitol Hill and Washington DC Professionals (Factual) Users who visit key locations that policy makers and influencers frequent to generate awareness on behalf of the client. Locations include Capitol Hill, Washington DC, Federal Triangle area, Senate Buildings, Congressional buildings, etc. Environmentally-Conscious Consumers (Factual) Users visiting locations aligned with green lifestyle, conservationist-minded consumers. Locations include vegan and organic restaurants, electric vehicle charging stations, recycling centers and national parks.
  13. 13. DAY OF WEEK GEO-TARGETINGTIME OF DAY POINT RADIUS STANDARD TARGETING Vistar’s programmatic technology brings the ease of targeting into out-of-home — enabling marketers to readily apply consistent strategies across all channels. by hour by day congressional districts, zip codes; DMAs certain distance around a set of lat/longs such as polling locations, universities, or speaking engagements Unique to Out-of-Home: Buyers can precisely reach their intended audiences by targeting specific contextually-relevant venue types, such as gyms, malls, office buildings or doctor’s offices.
  14. 14. Media Reaction… at the Speed of Today’s Politics
  15. 15. X Nimble Buying Strategy Traditional OOH operates on a 4- week flight cycle with high minimum spend requirements Programmatic OOH has NO strict spend amounts & NO minimum flight lengths removing the high bar to entry Rapid turnaround on campaign setups lets you get live in near real- time
  16. 16. Candidate “Surround Sound” Amplify impact of rallies and candidate appearances with pre- and post-event local messaging; adjust as travel schedule changes
  17. 17. Flexibility In A Changing Environment ● Take Control - Hands-on-keyboard options for closest alignment to your team’s strategy ● Simple to swap creative assets to instantly promote the most relevant messages ● Easily tailor specific creatives to different audiences or markets, without complicated campaign setup requirements
  18. 18. Breaking News Reaction Capitalize on every news cycle and campaign milestone with up-to-date messaging
  19. 19. Extend & Amplify Existing Media Strategies “Omnichannel should include OOH”
  20. 20. DOOH amplifies the impact of all existing strategies... PRESS RADIO TV ONLINE SOCIAL SEARCH Source: IPA Databank case studies 2004-2016 via Rapport Uplift to business effects (%) +11 % +12 % +21 % +31 % +56 % +80%
  21. 21. Easily Extend Video Assets ● The majority of digital out-of- home inventory today accepts :15 or :30 sec video creatives ● Whether broadcast TV spots or digital video assets, no need to invest in tailor-made creatives
  22. 22. Get Out The Vote & Cause Advocacy
  23. 23. Sequential Messaging on Mobile Target your audience with impactful messaging across DOOH Identify the device IDs of those most likely to have been exposed to your DOOH ads Re-engage that audience by retargeting them on their mobile devices
  24. 24. LET’S SUM IT UP: WHY PROGRAMMATIC? Leverage a one-stop shop for all of your DOOH buys, with streamlined activation, reporting and billing Avoid the high minimum commitments and flight requirements of individual outdoor publishers Utilize the same targeting strategies across all media channels Ability to act quickly and change with an ever changing environment Programmatic technology for DOOH allows buyers to make more efficient and strategic out-of-home media buys — enabling marketers to easily integrate DOOH into their omni-channel marketing strategies
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