Presentation: Building Your In-House Marketing Team


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Create, develop and retain a strong in-house team across search, display, mobile and other media. Learn how one of the largest SEM spenders does it.

Jennifer Tan, Online Marketing Director, Experian

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  • We’re so focused on talking about performance, tactics, and emerging trends – but how about if we spend a few minutes to talk about us – the human aspect? We know about the high turnover in Online Marketing. I was invited here to talk about how I’ve been able to build and maintain my team over the last 5 years. So the wolf pack metaphor…. wolves are extremely loyal and also great hunters – qualities that t we need on a Search Team. The idea here is something nameless I have been practicing and developing over time….and in theme to our venue in Park City, I’d like to present to you how to LEAD YOUR WOLFPACK.
  • 1st we must create the A team wolf pack. I’ve found something unintuitive to work exceptionally well here. That is, hiring based on character. ** Read head line ** Again, don’t hire based on skills – decide adequate experience during resume review, then hire based no character.
  • When I say write down your values, literally, write them down for yourself and for your team. Here are some examples of my team values. Look at the last one **READ** Why has this become a value? Because I’ve seen the opposite create dysfunction.I learned that 25-40% of our work lives may be wasted or compromised due to an emphasis on competing. Even thinking competitive thoughts interferes with best performance and increases negative stress hormones. I get that this may be debatable, but not creating contentious competition has worked beautifully on my team.
  • Unlike a real wolf pack, we can’t give physically give birth to our team. But we can come close via strategic questions. Write down the qualities you want, then ask non-obvious questions to help answer them. Who cares if they know how to run pivot tables? Do they know how to influence other departments to help them with projects? That’s more important. Hire for character, train for skill. A manager will have a harder time teaching character qualities like passion and gratitude, than teaching them how to launch an adWords campaign. These are the qualities I look for. The last I highlighted because it’s my most important. Gratitude in an employee means they can say thanks, they can respect the time of others… In my work experience, it’s the entitled personality creates the most unproductivity in an office setting. In my view, entitlement is the opposite of gratitude. How many people have managed someone will an entitled personality in their career? I like to ask “Do you consider yourself a grateful person during interviews, which Janel in the audience taught me. It is a great way to look for the toxic entitlement personality. “I’ve earned everything myself… I’m self taught…” illicits a behavioral style I don’t want on my team.
  • With that, I take you to this profound quote because it’s so true. **READ** This is my goal objective at work. Be brave & open minded – see the opportunities … and this all starts with the gracious personality.
  • If involved in choosing the employee, they will help them succeed. You’ll also learn more about your team with their involvement & potentially find some cracks in your foundation, that you can now correct.The beauty of Consensus is that it may not be unanimous, but they can all live with, support, and commit themselves to not undermine. The issues are fully aired, all members feel they have been adequately heard, in which everyone has equal power and responsibility.
  • Okay next… If you’ve spent the time to find an employee with excellent character and one who has the capacity and personality to learn, you found yourself a good student. It is imperative that you own the fact that you hired based on character & recognize that this person needs training – and you must set up this excellent person to succeed. Do not drop the ball here. It’s time to LEAD…. **READ**
  • Fortunately, nobody has failed and I partially credit why I haven’t lost any team members to this.
  • **READ examples** Here is my 90 day plan – easy to make in Excel. Make it official with a commitment blurb at the end & signatures.
  • One of my pet peeves is when someone sends me a report with a clear outlier and a) doesn’t explain it in the email, or b) made a mistake with a formula. Performing smell checks on everything you send is a great way to deter this. Drinking is a good example. Not everyone is verbal person…I have found that by writing, I can hold them accountable.
  • **READ** Now they have passed boot camp & they know your expectations, and you have your new wolf in the pack … to really start the teaching.
  • Post boot camp.**READ 1** Much will be revealed during 1:1s. **READ 2** Sometimes, if you let things bottle up too long, your delivery may come out with too much energy.**READ 3** How many of you have had a manager that blew off your performance review or didn’t give you one? How did that make you feel?
  • The last part of your A team wolf pack is you gotta keep them around. **READ headline**
  • **READ** 75% of working adults say the worst aspect of their job – the most stressful – is their immediate boss. Bad managers create enormous health costs and are a major source of misery for most people. Also, you just trained one hell of a Search Marketer – and we know how they are in high demand. Why wouldn’t they go somewhere with more pay, sexier office, and free food?
  • **READ headline** About emotional intelligence,EI is comprised of the following four skillsets: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management. People with high EI are aware of how they are behaving and understand how their behavior affects others. On the other hand, people with low EI tend to have a distorted view of their own behavior and often do not realize or do not care how their actions impact those around them. Extraversion – being extraverted is not easy for everyone – but leaders need it. As an example, it’s hard for me. I was the weird girl in high school with the thick glasses and acne who attracted attention of bullies. But I put myself in discomfort so I can improve myself – I have worked hard to find my own inner alpha wolf.
  • This is how I have kept a high performing team. I invite you to use this framework and put your own personality into it. Simple but powerful steps that I have refined over the last 4 years are my recipe for a great wolf pack. Wish you well.
  • Presentation: Building Your In-House Marketing Team

    1. 1. BUILDING, DEVELOPING, ANDMAINTAINING YOUR SEARCH TEAM Jennifer Tan Online Marketing Director Experian 12/15/12 Experian Proprietary and Confidential 0
    2. 2. Agenda  CREATE with …  Team Values  Thoughtful Interview  Team Involvement  DEVELOP with …  90 Day Boot Camp  Clear expectations  On-going training & reinforcement  MAINTAIN with …  Mutual trust  Emotional intelligence Experian Proprietary and Confidential 2
    3. 3. CREATE Who belongs in your pack? Who will hunt with you? Who will share their meal with you? Who will have the team’s backs? Don’t just hire based on skills, hire based on character too. CREATE by … 1. Knowing Your Team Values 2. Interviewing Wisely 3. Allowing Team Involvement Experian Proprietary and Confidential 3
    4. 4. CREATE by Knowing Your Team / Wolf Pack Values  Document what you really value on your wolf pack  Pre- interview  Hiring for skill only = potential lone wolf  Research and adopt practices that work  Example: Southwest Airlines “hire for attitude” philosophy  Confirm yours or get inspired  Look for red flags that go against your values  Currently a large pool of qualified candidates  Example: Self proclaimed “SEO guru” Experian Proprietary and Confidential 4
    5. 5. SAMPLE: My Team Values Experian Proprietary and Confidential 5
    6. 6. CREATE by Interviewing Wisely  Ask questions to illicit character  Skills are on LinkedIn and the resume  Look for qualities that can’t be taught overnight Examples:  Passion  Loyalty  Team player  Big picture thinker  Accountable  Transparent  Open minded  Gratitude Experian Proprietary and Confidential 6
    7. 7.  Add Anthony Robbins quote here Experian Proprietary and Confidential 7
    8. 8. CREATE by Allowing Team Involvement  Allow the greater team to interview the candidates  Involvement equals commitment  Value your team’s input  Innuendos you may have missed  Role misconceptions  Look for a consensus  May not be best decision, but they can live with it  Issues fully aired and all have been adequately heard Experian Proprietary and Confidential 8
    9. 9. DEVELOP Every strong team has a STRONG LEADER. Wolf packs have a hierarchy and will lean on a leader’s direction. DEVELOP using 3 steps: 1. Clearly defined Boot Camp 2. Create & communicate clear expectations 3. Provide on-going training & reinforcement Experian Proprietary and Confidential 9
    10. 10. DEVELOP by Using a Clearly Defined Boot Camp  My new hire 90 day Boot Camp  25 pass or fail milestones  Requisite skills and on boarding processes  External training from experts  Build relationships within the organization  Enjoy the benefits!  Provides accountability  Rest of the team getting an A player that will pull his own weight  Another opportunity to identify bad, lone wolf  Invest upfront – step up to Strategic role Experian Proprietary and Confidential 10
    11. 11. SAMPLE: 90 day plan Experian Proprietary and Confidential 11
    12. 12. DEVELOP by Creating & Communicating Expectations  Establish your Ground Rules  Establish upfront vs. damage control  Follow your own rules & lead by example  Communicate expectations  Deliver Ground Rules via a hand-out on day 1  Read and discuss the hand-out to them day 1  Hold them accountable  Issues addressed in 1:1 meetings  A chance to respond Experian Proprietary and Confidential 12
    13. 13. SAMPLE: Ground Rules Experian Proprietary and Confidential 13
    14. 14.  ADD buddhist proverb here Experian Proprietary and Confidential 14
    15. 15. DEVELOP by Providing On-Going Training  Honor 1:1 meetings  Timely on-going feedback, good and bad  Coaching moments, timing is important  Performance reviews Experian Proprietary and Confidential 15
    16. 16. MAINTAIN Principles to keep them from straying. If you are using your wolf pack for your own agenda, they will stray. If you are leading, feeding & nurturing them, they will remain loyal. MAINTAIN in 2 steps: 1. Earn their trust by trusting them first 2. Demonstrate your emotional intelligence and self control Experian Proprietary and Confidential 16
    17. 17.  Add quote from Robert Townsend Experian Proprietary and Confidential 17
    18. 18. MAINTAIN by Earning Their Trust  Invest in career  Conferences, Trainings  Let them shine  Recognition to Executive Management  Individual Personality Styles  Public recognition vs. thank you card  Creative ways to reward them  Peaceful vacations  No copying on emails  Monthly newsletters  MVPs for the month on your team and other teams Enjoy the BENEFIT - an increase in Trust  5% increase in trust will increase productivity by 50% or more. Experian Proprietary and Confidential 18
    19. 19. MAINTAIN by Demonstrating your Emotional Intelligence  Expected to know your job. Couple your technical skills with EI, start SHINING!  The most underutilized leadership skill = making an emotional connection  Give people your undivided attention – easier said than done  Be aware that your emotions are contagious - your influence power  Develop your sense of extraversion  Very little effort to make someone’s day Experian Proprietary and Confidential 19
    20. 20. Experian Proprietary and Confidential 20
    21. 21. HIRE FOR CHARACTER, TRAIN FORSKILL, NURTURE TO KEEP1. CREATE the pack. You’ve picked pups you can teach & share your values.  TAKE AWAYS: Team Values & Interview Questions2. DEVELOP the pack by rising as the Alpha. The pack doesn’t succeed without direction.  TAKE AWAYS: 90 Day Boot Camp & Ground Rules3. MAINTAIN the pack by giving them reasons to stay by your side.  TAKE AWAYS: Rewards, Recognition, & Reviews Experian Proprietary and Confidential 21
    22. 22. Experian Proprietary and Confidential 22