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If Your Brands Menu Isn't Bold, Then What the Cuss Is It?


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In a world full of choices, especially when it comes to restaurants, we've always got to be thinking about how to entice the consumer to devour our brands delicacies. Finding a way to balance culinary innovation and operational practicalities when diving into menu optimization is no easy feat. Erbert & Gerbert's takes on their menu marketing journey from brand positioning and strategic planning to market research and driving results.

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If Your Brands Menu Isn't Bold, Then What the Cuss Is It?

  1. 1. EAU CLAIRE, WI est.1988
  2. 2. “Oh yeah, I always used to get Erbs & Gerbs when I was super wasted after bar close. Loved those weird sandwiches!” Some professional marketer... somewhere out there
  3. 3. Insert Video Here: Brand_Insider_EG_BoldBetweentheBread_60.mp4
  4. 4. GUTS
  5. 5. Insert Video Here: Brand_Insider_EG_GiftOfGuts.mp4
  6. 6. People buy experiences… Not sandwiches.
  7. 7. Insert Video Here: Brand_Insider_EG_Kioko.mp4