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HP’s In-Housing Evolution


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For over four years HP has been on its own journey to bring more of its media and data destiny in-house. Here we explore the major stages of that transition and how HP has identified three key areas where the in-house team surpasses previous models for media buying as well as areas where agencies have become even more integral than in the past. What have they learned? What has been gained? When does in-housing actually lead to smarter outsourcing?

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HP’s In-Housing Evolution

  1. 1. Moving In-house
  2. 2. The trend to in-house Many advertisers are pulling elements of programmatic in-house, but not necessarily all programmatic ANA reports 30%of advertisers are reducing the role of the agency in programmatic buying, up from 14% in 2016 Who leads programmatic responsibilities at your company? ANA, The State of Programmatic Media Buying, 2017 Source: ANA, The State of Programmatic Media Buying, 2017 and Inhousing 2018
  3. 3. Who’s doing it? 3 Active Rumored
  4. 4. Why should we do it? Objectivity Us-centric thinking Integration Tighter coordination and accountability We want our media to work harder Agility Responsive to our priorities Transparency Full visibility into our supply chain Data Deployment Better cultivation and governance of data Performance Deeper integrations into our ROI engine
  5. 5. So what did we do? DMP Planning Tech contracts Partner Relationship Email DSPs Paid Search Paid Social OWNING OUR DATA 1st Years of Focus OWNING OUR CLOSEST CUSTOMERS Following shortly after OWNING DIGITAL MEDIA ACTIVATION 4 years later Decision to take control of our Media and Data 20202016
  6. 6. Making the financial case
  7. 7. Mapping it out Double bubble on headcount costs
  8. 8. We still need our agencies DMP Planning Tech contracts Partner Relationship Objective setting Media Strategy Media Planning Traditional/Sponsors hip Plan Execution Reporting Analytics Digital Plan Execution Agency Agency Agency Agency
  9. 9. 9 What does the internal team look like Search/Social Reporting/Analytics Programmatic Finance and Operations Ad Operations
  10. 10. What were the three biggest benefits? Data Deployment The ability to strike 2nd party deals, and open up our internal CRM that was just not available to our agency partners. Transparency Though agencies have made great strides in this arena (if pushed), we now have better financial insights and have slowly reduced costs. Agility Recognizing the ability to get to market and react to the everchanging environment faster.
  11. 11. 11