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  • Ask Galeet for FBX case studies
  • Here’s an example of a success story where a financial services client worked with FBX to drive results. As you can see, it was focused on performance metrics – lead generation and customer acquisition by re-targeting consumers who had visited the company website without taking action.Advertiser also saw 2x improvement in remarketing CPA on FBX versus non-FBX media
  • Facebook

    1. 1. Driving success on Facebook Exchange (FBX) Josh Butler, Head of FBX Partnerships | July 25, 2013
    2. 2. Option 2
    3. 3. FBX: A year later *Source comscore 2011 study Access to 1/3 of US display impressions* Live markets Directly integrated partners
    4. 4. The Facebook journey 2006 Sponsored Stories (no social content) 2007 Facebook Ads Facebook Pages for Business Beacon Become a Fan Button 2009 Like Button 2011 Sponsored Stories 2012 Ads in News Feed 2013 Custom Audiences
    5. 5. Awareness Facebook: A marketing platform Loyalty Consideration Conversion Geo, Demo, Interest Social (Fans & FOF) Custom Audiences Geo, Demo, Interest Social (Fans & FOF) Custom Audiences Facebook Exchange Custom Audiences Facebook Exchange Custom Audiences
    6. 6. Objectives Brand Direct response Social Direct response (offsite) Targeting Facebook Data Custom Audiences Offsite Data Optimization CPC, CPM, oCPM Real-time CPM Buying Channels Direct PMD DSP Some PMDs Placements Right-hand side News feed desktop News feed mobile Right-hand side News feed desktop Facebook marketing solutions (optional)
    7. 7. The FBX approach Different, but not really Selling through partnerships Users rule Facebook’s marketer first approach
    8. 8. Delivering on the promise
    9. 9. 32% of all online users reachable via FBX Reported performance 15% higher ROI than traditional ad networks 3x click-to-conversion rate than other sources
    10. 10. Marketers with strong direct response objectives Marketers who have valuable customer data Marketers who care about lower funnel, intent-based DR. Choosing the right advertiser
    11. 11. • FBX is not for “social” campaigns • FBX is not for building fans/engagement • FBX is for driving offsite objectives using offsite data Choosing the right objectives Direct Response Fan Building Social
    12. 12. Optimizing for performance Bid Creative Rotate your creative, and optimize. Start high and work downwards. Measurement Last click vs multi touch attribution. Objective Choose measurable, meaningful objectives Frequency Separate and higher than other RTB campaigns Targeting Leverage data that only exists outside Facebook.
    13. 13. • After launching on FBX, Dominos achieved its lowest ever cost-per- sale for an RTB ad campaign • Achieved 62% lower cost-per- sale than search ads for mid- funnel customers (unbranded searches) Case Study: Domino’s
    14. 14. Case Study: Global insurance provider 1/6 the CPA for prospecting on FBX compared w/ non- FBX media • Goal: Lead generation and customer acquisition • Targeted consumers who had visited its website without taking action
    15. 15. FBX Update: News Feed
    16. 16. Scale performance with newsfeed 197% increase in ROI compared to standard domain ads* 22x engagement vs. standard display Source: *Nanigans, **Adroll
    17. 17. Treat it like new inventory Use for direct response goals only Continue to use RHS Bid higher Apply RTB display budgets Truths and myths Don’t expect same win rates Don’t chase virality Don’t apply same measurement (insertion vs. impressions)
    18. 18. Getting on to News Feed ( option with Criteo )
    19. 19. Getting on to News Feed (option with no Criteo)
    20. 20. Going beyond the test drive • Let performance drive budget • Think display not social • Combine with other Facebook solutions • Choose the right PMD and FBX partners
    21. 21. Monthly active users
    22. 22. Questions?