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Equinix OMMA Global NY


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Equinix OMMA Global NY

  1. 1. Introducing Achieving Blazing-Fast Cross-Platform Ad Delivery Presented by Chris Sharp | GM, Global Content & Digital Media, Equinix Presented at OMMA Global | Equinix Confidential - © 2011 Equinix Inc.
  2. 2. Reach Customers Around the World MARKET CHALLENGE Expanding addressable market; ensuring consistent performance for global customers EQUINIX ADVANTAGE Asia 5 metros 250+ available networks Americas 22 metros 450+ available networks Europe 8 Metros 175+ available networks Red = current Equinix Equinix Confidential - © 2011 Equinix Inc. 2
  3. 3. The Equinix Content Ecosystem •  10 of the Top 10 web sites (Alexa) •  9 of the Top 10 video sites (Nielsen) •  4 of the Top 5 social networking sites (Nielsen) •  9 of the Top 10 CDNs (Yankee Group) •  9 of the Top 10 Facebook games for May 2010 (InsideSocialNetworking) •  8 of the Top 10 Myspace games for May 2010 (InsideSocialNetworking) •  11 of the Top 15 online advertising networks (Comscore) The leader in Internet Equinix Confidential - © 2011 Equinix Inc. 3
  4. 4. We Connect Content to Growth CONTENT ECOSYSTEM Platform Equinix connects content, Facebook, and viewers 675+ network providers 10 of the top 10 web properties 5 of the top 7 streaming video sites IMPACT Accelerated access to a 500- million-user market with 50% YoY Equinix Confidential - © 2011 Equinix Inc. 4
  5. 5. Evolution of ad delivery •  Online advertising has evolved dramatically since its inception •  Delivery methods, multiple devices and need for extreme, real-time targeting drive change –  Mobile advertising –  Contextual ads –  Personalization and 5 Equinix Confidential - © 2011 Equinix Inc.
  6. 6. Implications for today’s advertisers •  Speed of delivery can make or break ad delivery and acceptance “One of the big publishers we –  If the ad isn’t delivered in a certain work with has within their amount of time, it won’t be displayed –  No ad = lost revenue content management system a •  An advertisers’ inability to deliver big red button they can press to multiple devices and platforms to instantly remove all the ads will disconnect them from from the site if responses potential viewers/buyers times are not fast enough.” — 6 Equinix Confidential - © 2011 Equinix Inc.
  7. 7. Turn Ad Delivery into Competitive Advantage Performance Enabler •  Improve the end-user experience by reducing latency •  Simplify ad delivery to publishers METRO 2 •  Increase efficiency with specialized providers for mobile content CDN acceleration, and cloud METRO 3 services •  Access increased Cloud Services Service Enablers monetization opportunities via ad exchanges Networks METRO Equinix Confidential - © 2011 Equinix Inc. 7
  8. 8. Vibrant Media – How one company cut delivery time in half •  Delivery of in-text ads requires extremely fast contextualization of editorial content and delivery of relevant ad back to publisher Business •  Any delay results in lost opportunity and revenue Driver •  Deployment in Platform Equinix – provides direct connection to network providers and Content Delivery Partners Solution •  Platform Equinix enables Vibrant to choose their transit provider – better controlling cost, quality and speed of delivery •  As a result of Equinix ecosystem and quality controls, Vibrant cuts delivery time in Results half and has experienced zero Equinix Confidential - © 2011 Equinix Inc. 8
  9. 9. Your Experience Optimization Platform Connect to leading ISPs, Internet backbones and mobile networks to accelerate Extend Reach performance. 4 of 5 mobile platforms Choose from leading SaaS and IT Integrate Services providers to improve 250+ Cloud. 450+ IT companies back-end system Improve Performance performance and 675+ Networks flexibility. Deliver content directly to leading mobile platforms and into social Equinix Confidential - © 2011 Equinix Inc. 9
  10. 10. The Platform Equinix Advantage Global Reach Global Footprint Reach your customers •  38 global markets on 5 around the world continents Data Centers Ecosystems •  Less than 10 ms latency Ample room for growth Collaborate to from 90% of the in reliable, well-connected sites accelerate growth population of the United States and Western Europe •  675+ network service providers •  250+ cloud service providers •  450+ IT service providers 6M square feet 4,000+ businesses 675+ carriers 38 markets Strategic Ecosystems 13 Equinix Confidential - © 2011 Equinix Inc. 10
  11. 11. We Help Rich Media Sites Improve Performance Impact •  15% faster page load “With Equinix, we can operate in close proximity to times many of our top network service provider partners, with •  80% reduction in access to a platform that ensures the most streamlined path between our content and our end-users.” downtime — Mike Osier •  Bandwidth cost VP of IT Operations, Netflix reductions Customers “In our business, speed is everything. Every time a user visits one of our publishers’ sites, we need to contextualize the content and deliver an ad back FAST. With Equinix, we have cut that delivery time in half.” — Bob Hammond SVP, Technology, Vibrant Equinix Confidential - © 2011 Equinix Inc. 11