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Eis mon 1130 adrian olvera


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Eis mon 1130 adrian olvera

  1. 1. Say Nay to the NaysayersAdrian OlveraGlobal Business Development ManagerDell Consumer & SMB CRM
  2. 2. The power to do more. Today Dell connects with more than 5.4 million customers every day — on the phone, in person, on and, increasingly, through social networking sites.We make technology more accessible to people and organizations around the world. We ship more than 110,000 systems every day to customers in 180 countries — that’s more than one every second. Today reaches customers in 180 countries and 34 languages around the world. North America Consumer CRM
  3. 3. As Email marketers, Where have we comefrom and where are we today? • Focus on real time Current dynamic information and Future State State data • Design Global tools and applications with cross market / channel emphasis • Global vendor / partner relationships that move you forward Best of Breed4 Confidential North America Consumer CRM
  4. 4. Innovating Relevance5 Confidential 12/12/2011 North America Consumer CRM
  5. 5. Best of Breed Technology Models existing, real-time, and “learned” data to try to best predict the probability of Dell customer behaviors for service and sales offers Multi use tool that spans global needs; tech support, sales, online, social, chat, and email Simple integration into existing Dell platforms Prediction Eligibility Recognition6 Confidential North America Consumer CRM
  6. 6. Behavior targeting, scoring and propensity modelsCustomer identity,data collection,profiling,segmentation Relevant Communication, Messaging, and Offer Generation Adaptive Learning and Real Time decisions North America Consumer CRM
  7. 7. What would it look like? Hero is flexible by segment but may be dynamicComplete dynamicrendering of productdetails and price 1x1 segmented recommendations for each subscriber Data from each email influences the model to improve the 1x1 recommendations 8 Confidential North America Consumer CRM
  8. 8. But Wait -- How do you actually drive realchange to the business? Infrastructure• Say nay to the naysayers. Believe in • Retrain or staff more the vision. • Developing a solution resources as needed• Empower your team with IT to support to push and stay sales as well as email focused. marketing • Working with multiple Make the ESPs globally Maintain It Case North America Consumer CRM
  9. 9. The Path to Change. The Good Kind. Know everyone’s internal role in the process. Develop KPIs for the program to help them meet their own goals, not just yours. Leverage the ESPs Make everything easy on strengths, but don’t IT. Push your vendors to expect them to drive align to maintain a single the change alone solution internally. Ongoing Support. Continuous over Along with training, communication. develop a longterm Because people don’t plan for any additional pay attention in staffing or support. meetings North America Consumer CRM
  10. 10. Thank you.Adrian X OlveraBusiness Development Manager, Dell Consumer & SMB North America Consumer CRM