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Back to Basics: Organic Valley’s Creative/Media Evolution


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Building a brand and moving the right success metrics takes more than clever creative and viral success. Organic Valley takes us through several iterations and tests of its messaging and media mix on the road to hitting the right KPIs. Sometimes the most successful message is found at the very roots of your company.

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Back to Basics: Organic Valley’s Creative/Media Evolution

  1. 1. Brand Insider Summit August 21, 2019 Tripp Hughes
  2. 2. 2018
  3. 3. Building Connections Through Video In 2018, people spent 59 years watching Organic Valley videos on YouTube.
  4. 4. Engage Through Relevant Content
  5. 5. The Real Morning Report
  6. 6. 155% INCREASE IN PURCHASE INTENT* Blowing away brand health industry benchmarks and proven to drive sales, Call us Crazy is an integrated campaign that positions us as a truly different food company and leaves consumers rooting for the brand. TARGETING CORE ORGANIC MILLENNIALS: TV & TV replacement: Digital & Social: Retail Promotion: Reaching 60+ Million Organic-Minded Consumers OCTOBER 2018 - JANUARY 2019 HITTING 90% OF THE “HIGH VALUE” SHOPPERS IN YOUR MARKET National Media Investment Reaching 60+ Million Organic-Minded Consumers *with 61 MM CC Target Audience re: YouGov Organic Valley Brand Equity Oct 18- Jan’19 National Market
  7. 7. OV Brand Campaign: The Food Company Crazy Enough To Change Everything
  8. 8. *Engagement = like, comment, share, click
  9. 9. Creating an Integrated Brand Experience
  10. 10. Reach & Frequency We hit 116 Million households nationally. We reached 96.6% of our 61 Million target audience +15 times between 10/15 through 2/3. Campaign Deliveries Video views (incl. TV, TV Ext., Digital): 697.8MM Completed views (incl. TV, TV Ext., Digital): 665.3MM TTL Impressions: 1,567MM +30% vs. Planned Targeted Impressions: 747.4MM +30% vs. Planned Clicks to OV: 1.18M Ran across TV, Hulu, & Programmatic. Total 198.4MM completed views. Low $ to build impressions and retarget people who have seen the longer form videos. 23.8MM impressions. Hero :30s :15s :6s 2:30 Hero video on YouTube achieved +11MM completed views. 90%+ audience watched video to completion. Cost efficient completed views on Programmatic & Social. 430MM completed views. Very efficient CPCV, 75% VCR. Search Volume Branded search impressions vs. prior: Organic Valley Exact Match +36% Organic Valley Milk Exact Match +38% All Brand +19% Initial Campaign Metrics MM = Million Ads: Confidential - For Internal Organic Valley Use Only 10
  11. 11. Recommend Purchase Intent 44.6% (+35%) Awareness CONSCIENTIOU S CONSUMERS DURING LAUNCH (61 Million Target Audience) 18.8% (+154%) 5.1% (+155%) 19.8% (+89%) 42.4% (- 26%) 14.3% (- 6.5%) 4.2% (+7%) 19.7% (+21%) Consideratio n COMPETITOR
  12. 12. NORMS VS 2018 SCORECARD• Above norm TV and TV Extension (Hulu and Youtube) RROI indicate smart buys and strong creative. Branded Paid Search and Online Radio are most profitable, but Email, All Other Paid Search and Circular drive the most volume YOY
  13. 13. QUESTIONS?