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Agency Within - 2019 Sponsor Breakfast Presentation


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Search and Performance Insider Summit, Deer Valley, UT, Dec. 13, 2019 - 08:15 AM: Why Your Competitors Hope You Stay On Last-ClickLearn about the ways last-click attribution biases your media mix and creates opportunities for your competitors. We'll also walk through some actionable steps you can take to make sure you're taking advantage of these opportunities for your business, instead of being the ones taken advantage of.Presenter: Joseph Yakuel,Founder & CEO,Agency WithinJoseph is the founder & CEO of Agency Within, a full service digital marketing agency managing budgets over $500MM. Joseph founded the agency in 2015, which has since grown to 100 employees and works with clients such as Nike, Shake Shack & Spanx. Joseph was previously the Senior Director of Digital Marketing and CRM at the Vitamin Shoppe, responsible for customer acquisition & retention for the $100MM+ e-commerce business and 700+ retail stores with revenue approaching $1B. Prior to joining Vitamin Shoppe, Joseph managed digital marketing for Quidsi (an Amazon company),,,Wag.comand their other family brands with over $500MM in revenue. Joseph received his MBA from NYU’s Stern School of Business, specializing in digital marketing, entrepreneurship, innovation and business analytics.

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Agency Within - 2019 Sponsor Breakfast Presentation

  1. 1. Why Your Competitors Hope You Stay on Last-Click Presented by Joe Yakuel, CEO of Agency Within
  2. 2. Enterprise Brands We Optimize 22WWW.AGENCYWITHIN.COM
  5. 5. LAST CLICK IS EASY… BUT VERY FLAWED PROS De-duplication of marketing channels ✚ Simple & easy to understand ✚ Provides a performance KPI for each channel CONS No credit for view through or cross device activity ✚ Bias to short time lag / intent driven channels ✚ Upper funnel channels do not have a chance to prove value & scale ✚ Forces inefficient budget allocation decisions 55WWW.AGENCYWITHIN.COM
  6. 6. DOES IT REALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE? Performance will look very different depending on which “source of truth” you use: ▪ On average, revenue attributed to Facebook ads is reported 5X higher in Facebook than according to Google Analytics ▪ GA loses visibility into view-through conversions, as well as cross-device activity Before you can adjust your media mix to make more money, you need to accurately gauge platform performance ✚ ✚ SALES@AGENCYWITHIN.COM 66WWW.AGENCYWITHIN.COM
  7. 7. ESTABLISH CROSS-CHANNEL ATTRIBUTION PROPER AUDIENCE SEGMENTATION Separate incoming users in all channels into like buckets COMPARE PERFORMANCE ACROSS CHANNELS Analyze return from like buckets in different channels FIND APPROPRIATE LOOKBACK WINDOWS By audience, device, channel and interaction (view vs. click) ALLOCATE BUDGET ACCORDINGLY! 77WWW.AGENCYWITHIN.COM
  8. 8. Channel Mix Shifts Revenue Increased by 587% YoY in Q4 with spend increasing by 44% Shift in Media Spend by Device CHANGES IN MEDIA MIX Revenue from mobile devices increased 588% after making this change. 88WWW.AGENCYWITHIN.COM
  9. 9. Revenue from mobile devices increased 33% YoY after adopting this strategy Customers acquired from social channels increased 28% while CPA dropped 27% YoY Shift in Media Spend by DeviceChannel Mix Shifts CHANGES IN MEDIA MIX 99WWW.AGENCYWITHIN.COM
  10. 10. Customers acquired from social increased 37% while improving channel ROI by 7% Revenue from mobile devices increased 31% after adopting this strategy Shift in Media Spend by Device Channel Mix Shifts CHANGES IN MEDIA MIX 1010WWW.AGENCYWITHIN.COM
  11. 11. Marginal Bidding > Average Bidding Campaign A Campaign B $1 $15 $2 $16 $3 $17 $4 $20 $5 $22 $6 $22 $7 $24 $12 $25 $25 $26 $35 $34 Campaign A Campaign B $1 $15 $2 $16 $3 $17 $4 $20 $5 $22 $6 $22 $7 $24 $12 $25 $25 $26 $35 $34 Campaign Cost Conversio n CPA Revenue Profit A $176 11 $16 $440 $264 B $48 3 $16 $120 $72 Total $224 14 $16 $560 $336 Campaign cost Conversion CPA Revenue Profit A $63 8 $7.88 $320 $257 B $161 8 $20.13 $320 $159 Total $224 16 $16 $640 $416
  12. 12. Average Marginal Acquired customer Unacquired customer Profit difference 1212WWW.AGENCYWITHIN.COM
  13. 13. ROAS Return On Advertising Spend 57% increase in revenue on 17% increase in ROAS 84% increase in revenue on 39% increase in ROAS YouTube Facebook Results Display retargeting decreases as a portion of portfolio by 44% 1313WWW.AGENCYWITHIN.COM
  14. 14. KEY TAKEAWAYS 02 This encourages misallocation of budget and creates arbitrage opportunities for your competitors Using last click attribution under-values upper funnel channels With proper audience segmentation and lookback windows, you can accurately value your channel/audience combinations 01 Re-allocation of budget based on incrementality results in significant increases in ROI. 0403 1414WWW.AGENCYWITHIN.COM
  15. 15. The massive shift to visual communication The monumental shift in the way we communicate has placed a higher premium on creative than ever before. -Best practices are changing on a daily basis -Formats are in constant flux -Survival means capturing attention while still building a consistent brand 1515WWW.AGENCYWITHIN.COM
  16. 16. There’s only value. You either create it or you don’t. By collapsing brand awareness and direct-response into the same objective, companies create opportunity for rapid growth in the short term and strengthen their brand to create lifetime value. Traditional companies treat performance and branding as mutually exclusive objectives. Mobile and paid social have leveled the playing field making: every touchpoint a performance + branding opportunity There is no funnel anymore $ Brand awareness, creativity, audience Performance action, data, shopper 1616WWW.AGENCYWITHIN.COM
  17. 17. Always On: Iterative Learning Data frames the problem. Creative solves the problem. Everything we do is informed by data and rigorous testing to find what works, but more importantly what doesn’t. We continuously monitor performance during campaign cycles to inform real time creative changes. Our Process 1 Rapid Concepting & Prototyping Test & Learn Repeat 01 02 03 1717WWW.AGENCYWITHIN.COM
  18. 18. Volume of curated options to build performance creative at scale. ● Instead of shooting one idea or concept, shoot volume to construct multiple iterations in post. ● Test multiple variations of the same content in order to identify the best performing ad set. ● Repeat the process at scale in-order to drive monetization through performance-based video. Modular Content Creation
  19. 19. The new narrative: Telling stories in 12 sec or less. Then: Now: Story arcs Visual concepts Single aspect ratio to consider (wide/TV) Framing must be used as a device (square/vert/mobile) Static production process focussed on one sequence Fluid process designed for multiple variations 1919
  20. 20. Performance and brand aren’t mutually exclusive 2020WWW.AGENCYWITHIN.COM
  21. 21. Creating for the speed of feed 2121WWW.AGENCYWITHIN.COM
  22. 22. In-feed Landing Page -Tell a more cohesive & in-depth product story -Establish brand while pushing for conversion -Built for mobile -Test more, learn more, win more Creating a seamless journey from in-feed to cart using landing page experiences. 2222
  23. 23. In-feed Landing Page Another example seamless journey from in-feed to cart using landing page experiences. 2323
  24. 24. THANK YOU CONTACT (844) 494 8446 43-01 22nd St, Suite 503 Long Island City, NY 10001