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1300 omma tablet sponsored lunch jivox


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1300 omma tablet sponsored lunch jivox

  1. 1. Interactive Tablet Ads: Bridging TV,Display and Social Media Advertising Diaz Nesamoney Founder & CEO
  2. 2. Company Profile Jivox Company Background• Founded in June 2007• Headquartered in San Mateo, CA, sales in US and Asia Pacific markets• Multi-Screen Interactive video advertising technology – Easy to use authoring tools for rich media/video ads – Campaign management and analytics – Ad management and serving• Over 300 global customers including global brands, agencies and media companies
  3. 3. Jivox CustomersAdvertisers & Agencies Publishers
  4. 4. Interactive Tablet Ads: What are they?Link to a store locator to find the Watch long-form videos Download a coupon orlocation nearest you. directly within the ad unit. informational document. Easily share ads on popular social networks with a simple click of the mouse. Skinning of the ad unit maintains brand identity. Live Twitter feed displays in real-time.
  5. 5. Example: Microsoft Cloud Tablet Campaign Try from your tablet device to see Jivox ads in action!
  6. 6. Interaction on Tablets – Experience the product
  7. 7. Smart Ads: Using tablet features
  8. 8. Print Ad  Interactive Tablet Page
  9. 9. Social/Companion TV Apps – Ad Delivery Tablets Ads Synced with TV Content
  10. 10. Challenges with Tablet Ad Delivery• Many tablets – iPad, Android (many flavors), Blackberry PlayBook, Amazon, HP (Windows and WebOS)• Lack of or incomplete support for Flash so current rich media creatives don’t work• Landing Pages – not mobile optimized• Varied proprietary video/non-standard browsers/HTML5• Tablets non-standard sizes
  11. 11. Jivox Custom Layout Editor for Tablets
  12. 12. Jivox Mobile Ads Mobile Ad Units • Full Interactive/social featuresiPad • In-page/WAP or In-app • Auto-detect – Flash/HTML5 – Size and layout • Full mobile analytics – Device – Operating System – Type (In-app, In-page) iPhone Android Blackberry Please note: Sample Ad is provided for capability purposes only. Enclosed features & functionality are completely customizable.
  13. 13. Measuring Engagement: Reports and Analytics
  14. 14. Best Practices for Tablet Ads• Recognize the high visual appeal and interactivity expectations• Goal: Educate, Entertain, Engage• More content centric than ad centric• The Jivox Platform can take a lot of the pain out of creating and delivering exciting tablet ads
  15. 15. Interactive Tablet Ads: Bridging TV,Display and Social Media Advertising Diaz Nesamoney Founder & CEO