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  1. 1. Introduction Ardogan was born in the 29th of February 1954 in “Qasm Basha”district in Istanbul where he spent his childhood and all his educationstages. Ardogan belongs to a modest family from Ryza governorate. His father wasa sailor. He moved to Istanbul with his wife seeking a better lifeopportunity. Ardogan also loved football very much which left a great mark in hispolitical life after that.
  2. 2. His Political Life Ardogan started his political life when he joined“Al Aema wa Al Khataba” school (Imams &preachers) where he started creating his ownpolitical vision. Then, he joined the National Unionof Turkish students where he increased andenhanced his political awareness. After that, he leftthe union & joined the national salvation partywhere he started his real political life. He was only 22 years old when he became the chief of the youth wing of the party inIstanbul . In 1985, he became the chief of the felicity party -Istanbul’s branch- . By time, he became more and more popular among Istanbul’s political community whichhelped him a lot when he entered Istanbul’s mayor elections & became the mayor in 1994.In 2001, Ardogan established a new political party which was called “Al Adala WalTanmeya” (The Justice & Development Party) with his partner Abdallah Guul. After oneyear only, the party entered the parliament elections and was able to get 363Parliamentary seats which means an overwhelming majority. This gave the party theopportunity to form a cabinet & Abdallah Guul was announced the prime minister. In2003, Guul gave up his position to Ardogan and Ardogan became the Turkish prime
  3. 3. His Achievements When Ardogan became the chief of the local youth branch in the National salvation party in Istanbul he was able to get Muslim Youth out of the clashes which was happening in the Turkish political street. As he let them avoid the concepts and actions which mixes the ideas and political ideologies with religion. And he was able to teach them how to use their inner power in which they can benefit themselves and their society. When Ardogan was the chief of the felicity party ‘s branch in Istanbul he encouraged women and youth participation in the political life. Women participated for the first time in the electoral work when Ardogan was nominated for the mayor’s position in “Byoglo”, then women’s wing spread obviously in the rest of the party’s branches .
  4. 4.  He worked on Establishing democracy in the party’s branch in Istanbul. He also followed new methods in the campaigns and he even discovered very successful ones himself. But using these methods wasn’t that easy, as he spent most of his life fighting the sterile ideas in his party. There were many problems in Istanbul when Ardogan first became itsmayor. He started by solving pollution problems. Cleaning thecountry, removing all the spreading rubbish hills, fixing and developingthe sewage system in Istanbul. Then, he was able to deliver clean waterto the houses, solving the water shortage problem. Then, he finished theconstruction of the underground network project & constructed newroads. In few years, Istanbul became one of the largest touristic cities allover the world .
  5. 5. When he became the prime ministerhe provided the national secure. andsocial and economic stability. He alsomade economical, political and socialopenness with many countries. Also the visa restrictions between theturkey and many Arab countries havebeen lifted. In 2010 Istanbul was chosen as the European Capital of culture
  6. 6. Why Ardogan is successful?!! Ardogan’s success comes from thebalancing and the harmony between thehuman side in which he deals with people byand can easily contact them, and the politicalside by which he can benefit the people hepresents. He listened to all people directly, he built political formations in the most far parts in Istanbul. He says “The long distance is not important, what is really important is to gather our hearts”. He says ”We were always by the poor side and defending their rights. We never entered their houses with disgust, but with sadness. We ate with them and listened to them. We made our best to solve their problems.”
  7. 7.  He never speaks just for electioncampaign.But he speaks about his feelings, aboutwhat he is planning to achieve . Hiswords was expressing how honest he is.
  8. 8. Davos 2009 Ardogan has many firm stands against Israel the most popular one is what happened in Davos 2009Ardogan said to Israeli President shimon peres : “ Mr. Peres, you are older than me. Your voice is very loud. I know that you are speaking aloud because of the requirement of a sense of guilt. My voice will not be that loud. About murdering, you know killing very well. I remember the children who were killed on beaches and I remember your prime ministers said they feel happy when they attack the Palestinians . I feel sorry when people claps after what you said because a lot of people had died . I think it is wrong and inhuman to clap after what happened.” The moderator didn’t let Ardogan complete what he wanted to say. So he left the panel, accusing the moderator of giving Peres more time than all the other panelists combined. And he said that he will never come to Davos again .
  9. 9. What I respectArdogan never steps on his country’s flag
  10. 10. Ardogan’s advise to moubark We are human beings we are all going to dieRespondto thepublicsdemands
  11. 11. In conclusionThere is no time to say what I have learned. But still there is HOOoOoOoPE