Medical anthropology


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Medical anthropology

  1. 1. WHAT IS MEDICAL ANTHROPOLOGY?And why would you want to study it?
  2. 2. Because health is about people And so is anthropology!
  3. 3. Medical Anthropology draws upon social,cultural, biological, and linguisticanthropology to understand such things as… Photo by Cameron Hay
  4. 4. biocultural aspects ofhealth and well-being
  5. 5. the experience of illness
  6. 6. the prevention and treatment of sickness
  7. 7. healing processes
  8. 8. the social relations of healing
  9. 9. the pluralism of medical systems
  10. 10. the politics of medicine P o l i t i c a l ma r c h o f p h y s i c i a n s i n P a r i s , F a l l 2010. P h o t o b y A l g i s K a s n i u n a s
  11. 11. reasons for health disparities
  12. 12. rituals of healing
  13. 13. And communication that affects well-being
  15. 15. Prof. Cameron Hay-RollinsConducts research on: Dimensions of culture that impact health and medical decision making Biocultural processes of sickness and decision making Healer-patient relationships PhD Emory University, Chronic illness 1998; MA Emory Health disparities University, 1992; BA Resilience and suffering Grinnell College, 1988
  16. 16. Think for a moment about the last time you or a loved one was ill. By the end of this course, you will have new insights into the ultimate questions of illness: Why Me? Why now? ATH 348Introduction to Medical Anthropology
  17. 17. ATH 368:Key Questions in Psychological Anthropology
  18. 18. ATH 378 Doctors, Clinics Explore the and biocultural makings of Epidemics contemporary medical practice and understandwhy there is oftentension in doctor- patient relations
  19. 19. ATH 428: Anthropology of Women’s Health How do women respond to cultural ideals about their bodies and what impact do those ideals have on their actual health? The highlight of the semester is a formal poster event where students present their research on an aspect of women’s health in the modern world.
  20. 20. Global health is As a team, studentsATH 448 the study of develop an innovative grant proposal illness and explaining theDeveloping health as a complex issues of a consequence of student-chosen globalSolutions bio-cultural health problem and propose a culturally in Global processes that appropriate and are both local logistically viable Health and global. intervention to address it.
  21. 21. WHAT DO MIAMISTUDENTSDO WITH ABACKGROUND INMEDICALANTHROPOLOGY? Become Researchers Go to Medical School Pursue Public Health Careers Go to Graduate School …and Other Cool Things
  22. 22. Become ResearchersFinishing his BA atMiami in 2010,Nathan Devoretook a job asResearch Assistantworking in theTransdisciplinaryResearch inEnergetics andColon CancerNeoplasia Study atCase WesternReserve University.
  23. 23. Become Researchers Graduating in 2012, anthropology major Meghen Matta is working as an Ethnographic Researcher at the Past Foundation in Columbus.
  24. 24. Aftergraduating fromMiami in 2010,Aubrey BrinkattendedMedical Studentat theUniversity ofCincinnati.Go to Medical School
  25. 25. Graduating fromMiami in 2010,anthropologymajor MichelleFakler attendedmedical schoolat at CaseWesternReserveUniversity.Go to Medical School
  26. 26. Work in Public HealthGraduating in 2011,Ryan Cook spent ayear teachingEnglish in Chinabefore starting hisMasters in PublicHealth degree atIndiana University.
  27. 27. Work in Public HealthAnthropologymajor SarahMcKassongraduated in2010, thenstudied for herMasters inPublic Healthdegree at TulaneUniversity.
  28. 28. Work in Public Health2009 graduateAllison Kernohancompleted herMasters in PublicHealth degree atEmory University,and now works forCARE at theCenters forDisease Control inAtlanta, GA.
  29. 29. Work in Public HealthKerry Logan,who graduatedfrom Miami in2010, wasaccepted to theMasters inPublic Healthdegree programat DePaulUniversity.
  30. 30. Graduate School in Anthropology After graduating in 2009, Hannah Wohltjen completed her MA in anthropology from the University of Kentucky and began a Master’s in Public Health at George Washington University.
  31. 31. Do other exciting things Anthropology undergraduate Valerie Gascon graduated in 2010, then trained as a Chiropractor.