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Hussam Hammo - Wizards Productions

  1. 1. S Social Gaming How games are changing the world! Hussam Hammo Chief Products Officer @abuhammo
  2. 2. About Wizards Productions S Wizards has 11 titles, 10 were made inhouse S Has 350 thousand registered players S +30 million page views per month S Business model: Freemium (user upgrades) S Recently launched the first Arabic MMO girls game on Facebook
  3. 3. Our Main Products
  4. 4. Our Main Products
  5. 5. Our Statistics S 64% of users are from Saudi Arabia S 71% of users are between 13 – 22 years old S 80% of payments come from Saudi Arabia S Average time on site: 15 minutes, up to 30 minutes S All revenue comes from virtual goods
  6. 6. Case Study: Zynga S Publisher of Farmville, Texas HoldEm, Mafia Wars … S 350+ Million Active users per month! (source: S Zynga owns 6 of the top 10 Facebook games S 1+ Million US Dollars revenue per DAY (450 million in 2010) S 90% of Zynga’s revenues come from selling virtual goods S Zynga gamers raised 1.5$ million for Haiti Relief fund in 5 days
  7. 7. Games cant be ignored! S 53% of Facebook users play games (270 million)
  8. 8. Games cant be ignored!
  9. 9. Games cant be ignored! * Neilsen
  10. 10. Advertising using games S 7% of online time is spent playing games S In game advertising is expected to reach $3 billion in 2014 S 72% of gamers recall seeing ads for brands in-game (average 29%)
  11. 11. In game Advertising S Spending on in-game advertising and product placement, will reach $1 billion by 2010 Yankee Group, a Boston research firm. S Targeting the right audience S Interactive advertising, unlike traditional banners, users can buy, sell and keep your brand in their inventory
  12. 12. In game Advertising S Non profit raised $13,000 in under a week through FishVille players purchasing a specially designed fish. Traffic to their website increased ten-fold during the campaign. S Advertising in videogames, after all, gives marketers a rare opportunity to buy a starring role in a popular entertainment vehicle.
  13. 13. Product Placement example
  14. 14. S Players frequently buy items from the game (guns, shields and potions) S Guns and shields are used to help protect the player as well as giving him/her an attack bonus S The laptop with its technologically advanced features can easily replace the shields by giving the player the ability to ie. infiltrate enemy bases and jam their signals Product Placement example
  15. 15. Product Placement example S When a player buys a Sony Vaio, he will receive a $50 voucher S These vouchers can be redeemed on any of Wizards Productions games which includes an 11 game portfolio
  16. 16. Product Placement examples
  17. 17. Product Placement examples
  18. 18. THANK YOU! Hussam Hammo @abuhammo We take our gaming seriously