Noise Data Management and Dissemination at EU Level - Núria Blanes [en]


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Noise Data Management and Dissemination at EU Level - Núria Blanes [en]

  1. 1. SGR Interfase Noise data management and dissemination at EU level Núria Blanes ETC-SIA (SGR Interfase), UAB
  2. 2. SGR Interfase A bit of history… • What has happened with noise in EU?2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 …END entered MS national END review processinto force transposition ENDRM: Reportnet: data Reportnet: full relational management implementation database to tool (some DF) structure the information C-NOSSOS: Common Assessment MethodsData delivered 1st set: 2nd set: 3rd set: 4th set: 5th set: 6th set: noise noise noise all noise all noise all noise sources strategic action sources strategic action maps plans maps plans
  3. 3. Where do we need to arrive in noise dataSGR Interfase management?
  4. 4. And which is the situation in noise at EU?SGR Interfase• First implementation step of the END accomplished DF4DF1 & DF2 Agglomerations Major Roads DF6 (nº of countries) (nº of countries) Major Railways Major Airports DF3 (nº of countries) (nº of countries) DF7
  5. 5. SGR Interfase BUT…• But the deliveries… – Are still not complete (especially in the case of noise action plans) – Duplication of reports: double effort in checking the correctness – No all the expected spatial data delivered accompanying the tabular information (noise sources & noise strategic maps) – Numbers among countries are not comparable However, we can confirm that…
  6. 6. How many people is exposed to noise in EU?SGR Interfase Within agglomerations
  7. 7. How many people is exposed to noise in EU?SGR Interfase
  8. 8. SGR Interfase And about the Noise Action Plans?• Information is scattered and not complete (it is not delivered per all noise sources)• Still a lot of countries not providing information on noise action plans• Templates not used enough to process the data in a systematic way• Complete action plans not useful at EU scale (only for consultation purposes) But… which kind of analysis could be done?
  9. 9. How much money has been spent in action SGR Interfase planning?
  10. 10. How many people would experience noise reduction due to action plans?SGR Interfase
  11. 11. Foreseen coverage of the END SGR InterfaseFrom 2012 onwards…• More than 420 agglomerations• 90 major airports• ≈ 300.000 km of major roads• ≈ 30.000 km of major railwaysStill 6 countries should report data corresponding to the lower thresholds
  12. 12. Noise data disseminationSGR Interfase
  13. 13. http://NOISE.eionet.europa.euSGR Interfase
  14. 14. http://NOISE.eionet.europa.euSGR Interfase
  15. 15. http://NOISE.eionet.europa.euSGR Interfase
  16. 16. http://NOISE.eionet.europa.euSGR Interfase
  17. 17. http://NOISE.eionet.europa.euSGR Interfase
  18. 18. http://NOISE.eionet.europa.euSGR Interfase
  19. 19. http://NOISE.eionet.europa.euSGR Interfase
  20. 20. http://NOISE.eionet.europa.euSGR Interfase
  21. 21. http://NOISE.eionet.europa.euSGR Interfase
  22. 22. http://NOISE.eionet.europa.euSGR Interfase 22
  23. 23. http://NOISE.eionet.europa.euSGR Interfase 23
  24. 24. http://NOISE.eionet.europa.euSGR Interfase 24
  25. 25. http://NOISE.eionet.europa.euSGR Interfase 25
  26. 26. SGR Interfase Thank you very much for your attention Any questions?