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Catalan Strategy for Adapting to Climate Change


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European Climate Change Adaptation Conference 2013 Session #ecca2013
Catalan Strategy for Adapting to Climate Change (2013-2020) by Salvador Samitier, The Catalan Office for Climate Change
Hamburg, March 19th

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Catalan Strategy for Adapting to Climate Change

  1. 1. Catalan Strategy for Adapting to Climate Change (2013-2020)18-21 March 2013Hamburg
  2. 2. 7.5 million inhabitants 32,000 square kilometres GDP per capita is about 20% higher than the Europe-27 average.6% of the area of Spain 50.2 Mt CO2 eq18% of its population 14% of Spain20% of Spanish GDP 1.1% of EU-2728% of Spanish exports originate in Catalonia.Catalonia has also its own culture and its own language, which is spoken by about10 million people, shared with other regions in Spain (Region of Valencia, BalearicIslands) and also in Languedoc-Roussillon in the South-Est of France.
  3. 3. The objectives of the EU (and UNFCCC) for the non ETS sectorsare binding only on the level of countriesThe relationshipsbetween the federal Objectives Responsibilities Resourcesand the regionalgovernment are ofgreat importance. At regional levelCountries are built in different organizational levels, and a large partof the responsibilities on climate policy, specially in non ETSsectors, are in the hands of regional and local governments.
  4. 4. Catalan climate context  Main Catalan Actions2005 1st report on Climate Change in Catalonia2007 Catalan Office for Climate Change2008 Climate Change Convention 1.000 proposals; 800 participants2008 PK Mitigation Framework Plan 2008-2012 Governmental voluntarily commitment Monitoring & Evaluation 2009 / 2010 / 20112010 2nd report on Climate Change in Catalonia2010 Voluntarily Agreement Program (86 Organizations joined)2012 Energy & Climate Plan (20+20+20 commitment in Catalonia)2012 Catalan Strategy for adapting to climate change 2013-20202013 Climate Change Act (work in progress)
  5. 5. Catalan Strategy for Adapting to CC  Main ElementsMain goal: to become less vulnerable to climate change impacts strengtheningthe adaptive capacity and resilience of citizens and organizations in Catalonia.Diagnosis of impacts (observed and potential) in 11 natural systems andsocioeconomic sectorsDownscaled scenarios: Scenarios A2, A1B, B1 10km grid Projections until 2050, baseline 1971-2000 Temperature, Precipitation and Wind speedAdaptative actions proposedStrong stakeholders involvement through a public participation processto discuss measures proposed and to introduce new ones. Final aim was toachieve a bottom-up process taking in consideration all stakeholders thoughtsand recommendations.
  6. 6. Catalan Strategy for Adapting to CC  ImpactsMost vulnerable areas:Pyrenees (mountain region) and Ebro’s Delta (costal zones)Main climatic impact:Temperatures increase of extreme valueand heat wavesMost vulnerable system:WATERPublic / Private sector :Private sector awareness and action are generally low.Public sector is crucial to guarantee policy coherence acrossmany sectorial policies (mainstreaming) helping to ensure itseffectiveness and efficiency
  7. 7. Catalan Strategy for Adapting to CC  Open to society
  8. 8. Catalan Strategy for Adapting to CC  Impacts and measures SUMMARY OF IMPACTS 63 impacts Potential Observed analyzed of which 32 are 4 24 19 already observed! 0 4 4 8 Global changeSUMMARY OF MEASURES We can act!! 30 GENERIC (cross-cutting) proposed 152 SPECIFIC (sectors/systems) proposed 182 TOTAL
  9. 9. Catalan Strategy for Adapting to CC  Goals to become less vulnerableStrategic to climate change impacts goal specific measures for: natural systems generating Agriculture and livestock Knowledge Biodiversity and transferring Water managementOperationa Information Forest Management l socioeconomic sectors goal Energy sector Building Fisheries capacity Health Industry, Services and Trade Mobility and transport infrastructure Tourism Town Planning and Housing RDITransvers POLICY generic measures cross- al PLANNIN cutting natural systems and goal G socioeconomic sectors OPORTUNITIES
  10. 10. Catalan Strategy for Adapting to CC  Measures
  11. 11. Catalan Strategy for Adapting to CC  Measures
  12. 12. Catalan Strategy for Adapting to CC  Measures
  13. 13. Catalan Strategy for Adapting to CC  Measures
  14. 14. Catalan Strategy for Adapting to CC  Next Steps Catalan Strategy for Adapting to Climate Change Sector based action plans Reporting• Promoted by the corresponding • Catalan Office for Climate Change. ministries  Assessment of action plans• Public and private participation • Intergovernmental Committee on• High priority measures Climate Change,• Budget  In a maximum of 3 years, will present to the Government and Parliament a progress report on the Strategy in Catalonia, and Technical development will determine whether the ESCACC requires revisionDevelopment of a set of indicators foreffective monitoring the vulnerability ofdifferent sectors and systems over time.