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  • We used a vox pop for outside interviews. This was because it was easier to transport with and also because its mainly used for public views.
  • We challenged several things. Firstly the conventions of how news stories are usually read, our news stories are read in a conversational informal tone. This is because we want our audience to feel more comfortable with the language. Secondly our presenters are cool and funky helping our newscast sound more lively and entertaining.We also challenged how news casts would get the audiences involved by doing live phone calls during on air. The theme is more upbeat but changes when differing to different stories. This is challenging because it grabs more of the audiences attention. Finally we produced our own website in order to interact more with our audience.
  • We developed our headlines by making it sound more fresh and lively by adding some cheekiness and enthusiasm. We thought this would be a good idea because it would help to get our audiences attention and also to spark up the more serious stories so it doesn’t loose our audiences interest through out the newscast.
  • One of our stories is about how young inspirational music artists represent young people in a positive way. They do this by showing the public how young people are very aspires, creative and enthuastic about life. Another story which also represents young people in a positive way is the tower hamlets gathering community. This shows us how young people can also be mature, caring and realistic about life and other around them.
  • Our targeted audience is late teens up to young adults, the young generation. We decided to aim at this particular group of audience because we as their presenters can relate to them as we have a genuine idea of what young people like and enjoy. We also used survey monkey to help us conduct and learn more about our audiences listening habits, the feedback we got from it was fantastic as it helped us make changes to our radio newscast and gave us a clearer picture to what may be the outcome of it.
  • The feedback to this question shows that majority of the audience would like to get involved with the radio. This is useful for us because we could put this into practice knowing that it may have a good result to it.
  • Here we have some suggestions from the audience on what they would like to do if they were able to get involved. Overall from these results it shows that the audience want to get involved by being practical and joining in with the radio newscast.
  • We used upbeat music to help make the newscast sound more appealing and lively. The use of informal language helped us engage more with our audience as well as helping them feel more cosy with our newscast. We also produced a website for our radio station so our audience can interact with us. We used the sound codes to help us guide through to get the attention of our audience.
  • The main development of technology is from digitisation. Digitisation is the advanced, upgraded version of everything we have now, from analogue radio and tvs to digital radio and tv. Previously, on April 2012 the digital switchover took place, all televison sets are now digital with more than just the 5 standard channels with better quality. Digitisation is like web 2.0, we are in charge of the machine, we decide what we want to see and hear. Also another thing i have learned from technology is the meaning of proliferation, its the bringing of convergence, how technology has actually grown from small to big over the years. For example each time an iPhone comes out somehow its much better than the previous one, this shows that technology is always changing and its getting more easier for people to access services like twitter and YouTube.
  • Technology is also changing the future everyday, instead of having to work around using big hardware such as laptops the development of technology has changed that into software. Software such as garage band, this allows anyone to produce their very own music in the space of their home without having to book studios or instruments. Also apps are the latest new thing of technology being used by many on their smartphones, its portable, easy to access and very convenient for us to use without any hassle.
  • Convergence means the merge of technologies for example tv, radio, mobile, cars etc. Radio is now parallel medium and can be listened to whilst doing other things ie driving and listening to the radio. It is the coming of different platforms merging together, making it into a one product.Synergy is using different medians in order to promote a product. I used synergy to make my radio newscast more recognized by producing a website for it.
  • Importance of researchImportance of equipmentNews valuesEthics in radioWhat did I learn and gain? Ie collecting information what is news etc.
  • Importance of researchImportance of equipmentNews valuesEthics in radioWhat did I learn and gain? Ie collecting information what is news etc.
  • As part of my preliminary task, I created a piece of music which could be used in a part of my newscast using garage band.
  • Presentation digitisation latest2

    1. 1. Media StudiesShanaz Aktar
    2. 2. OUR STORIES…1. LONDON 2012 OLYMPICS: young people prepare and get active ready to kick off the LONDON OLYMPICS!! Young people are EXPLORERS.2. TOWER HAMLETS COMMUNITY: positive about how young people like to seek and learn new skills everyday.3. INSPIRIATIONAL ARTISTS: shows young people being as explorers and creative.4. WESTFEILD STRATFORD CITY: young people are aspires. Keeping themselves look presentable is very important to make set a good impression of themselves.
    3. 3. PSYCHOGRAPHICS:OUR AUDIENCE FALL IN THE BELOW TWOCATERGORIES…ASPIRES- Seek status, materialistic and fashion.EXPLORERS- Seeks discovery, full of energy,excitement and motivated to always try somethingfirst. DEMOGRAPHICS: My audience falls on the category E; UnemployedorPart time and Students
    4. 4. The Preliminary Task