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Making my front page


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Published in: Education
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Making my front page

  1. 1. Making My Front Page
  2. 2. I Made my back round a light blue colour with connotes fresh with relates with my master head
  3. 3. I then added the Fresh Master head using the text tool then made it stand out more by using the gradient tool
  4. 4. I then used the magnet lasso tool cut the image of the model
  5. 5. Then I added it to my magazine
  6. 6. Then I added the sell lines using the gradient tool again to make the sell lines I used the colour pink and green as a use of intertextuality from the programme fresh prince of Bel air and changed it to freshest prince of Brooklyn
  7. 7. I then add some more sell lines because it is conventional of music magazines
  8. 8. I then add the slogan keep it fresh
  9. 9. Finally I add the bar code, website address and issue number so it looks authentic