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Thank You Forward - Lifebushido


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This creative project encourages and challenges people just like you to give a heartfelt 'thank you' to three people; then ask and encourage those three people to Thank You Forward to three other people. Imagine the impact that this would have on those who have touched you in life!

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Thank You Forward - Lifebushido

  1. 1. Thank You Forward Lifebushido
  2. 2. Attitude of Gratitude • Give a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to three people • Ask them to Thank You Forward to three people • Share Thank You Forward with friends/family
  3. 3. Good for You – Good for Others • People who feel grateful have… • More energy • More optimism • More social connections • More happiness • Sleep more soundly
  4. 4. Good for Kids – Teach your Kids • Get better grades • Set higher goals • Complain less • More satisfied with friends • More desire to give back
  5. 5. More Ideas for Kids • Ask at night… • What was your favorite thing about your day? • What are you looking forward to tomorrow?
  6. 6. Ideas for Gratitude • Keep a gratitude journal • Use more positive words • Go on a gratitude visit • Pause mindfully • Savor good times • Count blessings not sheep when you go to sleep
  7. 7. Focus on Positives • You get what you focus on in life • Stop/delete negative self-talk and negative people in your life • Feed yourself with positive self-talk and positive people • Fill yourself with positive thoughts • Express thanks
  8. 8. People to Thank You Forward • Family and Friends • Old Friends to reconnect • Teachers, mentors • Neighbors • Service people – mailman, bus drivers, store clerks, baristas at coffee shop • Co-workers at your company • Random people on street • People who have touched/helped you such as speakers, artists, authors/bloggers
  9. 9. Focus on Unique Talents • This is simple slide of ideas • Copy and borrow this to add your visual and artistic creativity to share with others • What is your unique talent? • How can you help Thank You Forward wih your unique talent?
  10. 10. Thanks for Listening • Thank You Forward • • • A creative project by Lifebushido • Anything is Possible