Conventions of a contents page


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Conventions of a contents page

  1. 1. Conventions of a contents page
  2. 2. House style Picture boosts The house style very much impacts a magazines layout. A house style is a magazines preferred setup, being the colours, fonts and text and image placement. It is how a person bar the masthead will recognise a magazine. This therefore impacts a magazines layout and is used for a cohesion between each edition. Running head Picture boosts are also another convention of a contents page. Their purpose is to aid the understanding of the article. They will also have numbers on them so the article is easy to find. They feature in different places depending on the house style of the magazine, however from looking at different examples I would say a general rule of thumb would be down the middle third. Because the nature of the contents page is very informative they picture boosts are aesthetically pleasing in a page which is generally not as exciting. Layout Alleys The running head will always feature in a magazine contents page. It is used for structural purposes to explicitly show the reader the means of the page. This is usually placed at the top of the page so the reader is aware of the purpose of the page straight away, as the western way to read is top left to bottom right, the running head is typically featured at the top left. Alleys are a key feature in the layout of contents pages because they are used to separate the columns in the magazine. This helps guide the reader in which direction to read and help provide a cohesive structure to Drop shadows Drop shadows aren't as much of a common feature in most contents pages however they do appear occasionally and again depend on the house style of the magazine. Their purpose is to make a feature stand out more. They have assessed their target audience and so the magazine will draw to the readers attention the features that will appeal to their target audience the most.
  3. 3. Font and style Language In a contents page, the font can Text Size Colour The colour of the text is an important convention of a contents page. This usually coincides with the house style in order to create cohesion throughout magazine. With more reserved magazines the colours chosen are always matching and safe. However, if the magazine is a bit more unconventional such as Kerrang the colours will clash more.