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Medialab Algan


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Published in: Technology, Economy & Finance
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Medialab Algan

  1. 1. TRUST Culture, Cooperation and Economics Yann Algan Sciences Po Medialab, May 26th 2009
  2. 2. OUTLINE Multidisciplinary approach of human behavior Moral Sentiments and Economic incentives How do cooperative values interact with the economy ? • Trust/Cooperation Economy-Happiness / Institutions • Economy and Institutions Trust/Cooperation Integrative approach • Bridge the gap in social sciences - Other social sciences: link between trust, economy and institutions - Economics: incentives for given self-interested preferences • Integrative framework - Theory: internalization of cooperative values with economic incentives - Empirics: Quantitative data and Experimental approach
  3. 3. Cooperative values and Economic attitudes on the Web Social reality mining on the web • Traditional data collection: one-time, static, separation micro-macro • New datascape on the web Large-scale quantitative data on cooperative values and behavior; Extended period of time; Micro/Macro, Individuals/groups • Challenges: Data are dispersed and noisy. Privacy: collection by private firms Research center on the cyberspace • MediaLab-Sciences Po: Multi-disciplinary laboratory (researchers, web engineers…) Develop cognitive tools: computational social science PI Cyber Research center on • ERC cooperative values and economic attitudes
  4. 4. Public observatory on social and economic cooperation Picture in continuous time for academic society, civil society, policies Financial Crisis ? Public observatory on cooperative values and economic attitudes Queries Call for Regulation ? Social forums Data Collection Tools : -Web Crawler, Sociometers - On-line surveys Blogosphere Trust Business ? Trust Unions ? Natural experiment to measure effect of trust on economic behavior • Online Market activities : Ebay, online credit, professional networks: digital traces, surveys.. • Online Non-Market activities : Emergence of social production : open software, wikipedia…
  5. 5. Effect of economic policies on pro-social attitudes How do we build up pro-social behavior? Other social sciences: equality, diversity, civil society… Experimental protocol: randomized trials Randomized assignment of policies between control and treated groups to control for selection bias Effect of policies on cooperation within organizations • Target policies between different divisions: Income equality, Team-based pay, Diversity gender-minorities • Experimental measures: Trust games, Implicit Association Tasks… PI Sciences Po Private sector (Schlumberger …) ERC Policies, Sociology Organization + Poverty Action Lab (MIT) Public sphere Civil society, Public policies