Restaurant ratings and reviews in the netherlands


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Restaurant ratings and reviews in the netherlands

  1. 1. Restaurant  reviews  Ra-ngs  &  Reviews  in  the  Netherlands  Update  Q1,  2011  
  2. 2. Analyzed  websites   1  
  3. 3. Developments   Reviewing  on    the  internet     •  restaurant  reviewing  on  the  internet  has  a  10  year  history  in   the  Netherlands   •  it  started  out  with  restaurant  ver5cals  (most  popular:  Iens)   •  later  directories  added  reviewing  func5onali5es:  Yellow  pages   and    Ilocal  (now:  TomTomplaces)   •  recent  developments:     –  Iens  is  followed  gained  on  by   –  GooglePlaces  heavy  focus  on  collec5ng  and  publishing  reviews   –  entrance  interna5onal  review  sites  in  Netherlands:  Yelp  en  Tupalo     •  future  developments:  FacebookPlaces  (great  impact   expected)   2  
  4. 4. Effect  of  reviews  on  consumer  decisions     •  consumer’s  choice  heavily  depends    on  others’   opinions:   •  8  out  of  10  review  users  reports  that  the  review  has  a   significant  influence  on  their  restaurant  choice*   •  respondents  are  willing  to  pay  up  to  50%  more    for   an  Excellent  (5  star)  ra5ng  than  for  a  Good  (4  star   ra5ng)*   (*Comscore,  2007,  more  recent  research  not  available)   3  
  5. 5. Analyzed  websites   Restaurant  ver5cals   Directories   Review  sites   •     •   •  Yelp   •  Dinnersite   (Yellow  Pages)   •  Tupalo   •  Diningcity     •  TomTomPlaces   •   •   4  
  6. 6. Research  
  7. 7. Analysis  of  features  concerning  reviewing   •  overall  same  features  available   •  differences  in  elabora5on   •  all  kinds  of  social  features  are  added:  send  to  friends,   integra5on  with  social  media,  etc.   •  how  the  ra5ng  is  calculated  is  oXen  unclear   •  some  of  the  features  simply  don’t  func5on!   6  
  8. 8. Research   In  addi5on  to  the  analysis,  research  was  performed   among  review  websites   Aim  of  the  research   to  record  the  current  situa5on  concerning  restaurant   reviews  and  ra5ngs  in  the  Netherlands:   –  number  of  listed  restaurants   –  number  of  reviews  and  ra5ngs     –  height  of  the  ra5ngs     7  
  9. 9. Researched  websites   The  research  included  the  following  websites:   •  Iens     •  Dinnersite     •   •   •  Google  Places   •  TomTomPlaces   •   •  Yelp/  Tupalo/  DiningCity  not  included  because  of  the  low   number  of  lis5ngs     8  
  10. 10. Concerning  the  Research     •  Google  uses  both  reviews  of  their  own  users  and   those  of  others  in  their  search  results.  We  split  them   up  where  necessary.     •  Iens  offers  ‘forms’  (elaborate  reviews)  and   ‘Opinions’  (short  reviews).  We  split  these  up  too   where  necessary.     •  on  behalf  of  comparibility  5  point  scales  have  been   converted  to  10  point  scales   9  
  11. 11. Lab  results  
  12. 12. Database  completeness   Most  complete  sites  (in  terms  of  lis5ngs)   95%   79%   81%   74%   61%   Iens   Dinnersite   Google   plaatspaginas   n=215  restaurants   •  GooglePlaces  most  complete  database,  Dinnersite  least   11  
  13. 13. Number  of  reviewed  restaurants     Most  complete  sites  (in  terms  of  reviewed  restaurants)   80%   72%   65%   42%   39%   21%   13%   Iens   Iens  meningen   Dinnersite   Google  recensies   Google  eigen   proefformulieren   algemeen   recensies   n=215  restaurants   •  8  out  of  10  researched  restaurants  are  reviewed  in  Google  (Google  uses   reviews  of  others’  in  their  search  results  too)   •  seems  to  have  the  highest  rate  of  reviewed  restaurants  (reviewed  by   its  own  users)   12  
  14. 14. Average  number  of  reviews   Most  complete  sites  (in  terms  of  reviews  per  restaurant)   11.9   10.6   6.1   5.8   0.7   0.7   0.3   Iens  forms   Iens  opinions   Dinnersite   Google  reviews   Googles  own   general   reviews   n=215  restaurants   •  Iens  publishes  (with  opinions)  most  reviews  (almost  12  per  researched   restaurant).  These  are  even  more  than  Google  and  almost  twice  as  much  as   13  
  15. 15. Average  ra-ng   The  overall  average  ra5ng  was  a  7.6     8.0   7.8   7.5   7.4   7.4   7.4   Iens   GoudenGids   TomTomPlaces   Google   n=  438  ra5ngs   •  Most  average  ra5ngs  between  7.0  en  8.0     •  The  exact  average  of  ra5ngs  was  a  7.55     14  
  16. 16. Spread   14.0%   0.5%   30.2%   No  ra5ng   6.5%   Between  2.0  and  4.0   Between  4.0  and  6.0   Between  6.0  and  8.0   Between  8.0  en  10.0   48.8%   n=  467  restauarnra5ngs   •  In  general  ra5ngs  are  posi5ve     •  Low  number  of  very  low  ra5ngs  (<6.0)  ra5ngs  and  remarkable  number  of   very  posi5ve  ra5ngs  (8.0  tot  10.0)   15  
  17. 17. Nega-ve  reviews  and  ra-ngs?     It  looks  as  if  there  is  a  nega5ve  rela5onship  between  the  number  of  reviews  and     ra5ng       7.9   7.5   7.4   1  t/m  5  recensies   6  t/m  10  recensies     11  t/m  20  recensies   Based  on  the,  Google  and  Iens  results,  n=  415  ra5ngs   Possibly  caused  by:     •  Higher  rate  of  restaurants  own  (posi5ve)  reviews  in  first  reviews   •  Unclear  calcula5on  restaurant  ra5ngs   •  Ra5ng  tresholds  (ra5ngs  published  aXer  a  minimum  level)   16  
  18. 18. Conclusions  
  19. 19. Conclusions  ra-ngs  &  reviews     •  most  restaurants  can  be  found  in  GooglePlaces   •  most  reviews  per  restaurant  in  Iens   •  most  reviewed  restaurants  in   •  Dinnersite  en  very  low  number  of   restaurants  en  reviews   •  average  restaurant  ra5ng  in  the  Netherlands:  7.55   •  ligle  differences  in  average    ra5ngs  between   websites  (all  between  7.0  en  8.0)   18  
  20. 20. Conclusions  market  developments   •  more  reviewing  websites  in  the  Netherlands   •  Iens  s5ll  leads  market  (awareness  and  number  of   reviews  )       •  is  gaining  on  Iens   •  websites  offering  reviews  have  conflic5ng  interests  :   commercial  interests  vs  being  independent     •  integra5on  with  social  media  en  consolida5on  of   data  expected  in  future   19  
  21. 21. Table  of  contents  ‘Ra-ngs  and  reviews’   The  report  (in  Dutch)  contains  an  analysis  on  restaurant  reviewing  websites  in   the  Netherlands.   We  would  be  happy  to  offer  you  a  transla5on  of  the  research  document  (or   parts  of  it)       If  you’d  like  to  know  more  about  it,  please  contact  us:   20  
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