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  1. 1. If you are with GJO for Media you will be studying MAGAZINES not advertising. The three magazines you will study are: Heat Fortean Times Somerset Life This is how we will approach the texts: HEAT: Skeleton outline TEXT Genre How is HEAT different to other magazines? Compare and contrast with other magazines. Study its front cover and contents page with a range of other front covers and contents Pages. Narrative Analyse at least three editions to ascertain typical structure, special and regular features, with a particular focus on contents pages. Representations To what extent are representations of celebrity and ‘issues’ positive, negative, complex and contradictory? How might this compare to representations in newspapers and other media forms? INDUSTRY Production Who owns HEAT? Context Research background and history of HEAT – maybe look at Mark Frith’s book ‘Celebrity Diaries: The sensational inside story of the celebrity decade 070.41092 : Marketing Discuss the magazine’s house style. How is it structured? What mode of address does it adopt? How does HEAT advertise itself? How much does it cost to advertise in HEAT. Regulation Search the Press Complaints Commission website for any adjudications against HEAT. How are magazines in general regulated? Distribution How does HEAT get distributed? AUDIENCE Who are they? Ways of classifying them. Discuss demographic and psychometric profiles and apply audience theories. How does this magazine attract different groups within the target audience? (e.g. editorial content, TV listings, film, book, music and other reviews, competitions, letter, crosswords etc) Investigate the magazine’s use of stars and celebrities as a significant attractor. Do some celebrities feature more than others? Why? What do they say about the target audience?
  2. 2. Positioning What assumptions does this magazine make about its audience that set it apart from others? magazines ? Debates What social debates does HEAT engage in? Responses Look at the ABC data on how many copies it sells. Audit Bureau of Circulations: National Readership Survey: Press Complaints Commission Code of Practice: