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  1. 1. McDonalds Advertising & Marketing Campaign Research
  2. 2. Anti Branding Super Size Me Backlash – the film (allegedly leading it to do away with the super size proportions) caused a radical change to the presentation and policy of Mcdonalds which can be seen in a lot of the tie ins and promotions that are presented here.
  3. 3. Branding of McDonalds The branding of McDonalds Restaurants has evolved since its early conception. This has tried to conform to both popular culture and changing views of healthy living and / or eating. Remember the branding of any product consists of …
  4. 4. The Products / Service Although McDonalds are renowned for their production of greasy fast food products, a concerted effort has been made in recent years to accommodate for the healthier eater – through the supply of salads, fruit, vegetables, etc. Plus…
  5. 5. The Trademark The Golden Arches of McDonalds are universally recognised throughout the multitude of countries that host a McDonalds Restaurant. Plus…
  6. 6. The Brand Name Plus… The brand name of ‘McDonalds’ is usually synonymous with the concept of the ‘Golden Arches’. The two are very rarely used separately due to this…
  7. 7. The reputation / Image associated with the Product The McDonalds Brand itself has evolved considerably to cope with the face of changing society. What was once seen as a predominantly child oriented ‘fun’ restaurant has now undergone a shift into a slightly more health conscious territory. Also the McDonalds restaurant as a concept is represented in a more adult / responsible light.
  8. 8. The changing image of McDonalds Adverts A quick glance at the changing nature of McDonalds restaurant slogans over the years can be basic indicator of how time changes the ways in which McDonalds represents itself. Year Slogan Year Slogan 1960s Look for the Golden Arches 1991 McDonalds Today 1967 McDonald’s is your kind of place 1992 What you want is what you get 1971 You deserve a break today 1993 Do you believe in magic? 1975 We Do it All For You 1994 Make every day a McDonalds day 1975 Two all beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese pickle onions on a sesame seed bun 1995 Have you had your break today? 1976 You, You’re The One 1997 My McDonalds 1979 Nobody can do it like McDonalds can 1997 Did somebody say McDonalds 1980 You deserve a break today 2000 We love to see you smile 1981 Nobody makes your day like McDonalds can 2000 Put a smile on 1983 McDonalds and You 2001 There’s a little McDonalds in everyone 1984 It’s a good time for the great taste of McDonalds 2001 Things that make you go ‘mmm’ 1985 It’s Mac Tonight 2002 Every time a good time 1988 Good Time, Great Taste, That’s why this is my place 2003 I’m lovin’ it 1990 Food, Folks and Fun
  9. 9. The changing image of McDonalds Adverts During the 1980’s the majority of McDonalds Adverts contained colourful children’s characters such as Ronald McDonald, Grimace and Hamburglar. The adverts would be set in the magical world of McDonaldland. The connotations of these adverts would inspire ‘pester power’ – children pestering their parents to visit (and eat at) McDonalds. McDonaldland Advert Grimace Advert Happyplace advert
  10. 10. The changing image of McDonalds Adverts More contemporary adverts tend to concentrate on the convenience and value for money of the McDonalds product. Even later versions of TV adverts tried to create a healthier image through highlighting their salad options. Please note the main customers represented in these adverts tend to be adult, unless a specific promotion is attached (for example – free toy with every happy meal – an advert of this nature would be aimed specifically at children). Blind date advert Double Dutch advert
  11. 11. Print Based McDonalds Ads / Marketing Campaigns Not only has there been a change in style / approach to McDonalds TV adverts, but also regarding their print based advertising / marketing output. This adverts tries to convince the audience of the changing face of McDonalds food by highlighting new ranges available, that have more positive connotations.
  12. 12. Print Based McDonalds Ads / Marketing Campaigns Special editions are promoted to develop the concept that these variations keep the product fresh and interesting to their audience. They may have just repackaged a concept that was already available.
  13. 13. Print Based McDonalds Ads / Marketing Campaigns The Pound Saver Menu is a marketing strategy that presents the customer with a range of prices and offers available. By tempting them with good value for money McDonalds increases the likelihood of a larger purchase.
  14. 14. Print Based McDonalds Ads / Marketing Campaigns McDonalds Restaurants also offers gifts with certain meals (happy meals, etc.) in order to increase their exposure to children. Again this relates to pester power…
  15. 15. Endorsements and Sponsorship McDonalds Restaurants use famous celebrities, usually of a sporting nature to promote their products. Some of these celebrities, such as Rio Ferdinand have appeared in TV commercials. Others have appeared on the website supporting causes promoted or sponsored by McDonalds. Why specifically sports stars?
  16. 16. Endorsements and Sponsorship Sponsorship of major football event (the World Cup) continues the increased visibility of the brand and associating it with fitness
  17. 17. Endorsements and Sponsorship McDonalds are sponsoring the Olympics and being part of team Great Britain, although its an American brand And promoting activity on its website Six weeks ago McDonald's announced a commitment to talk to children the world over about energy balance - using the strap-line 'it's what i eat and what i do' as the rallying call.
  18. 18. Endorsements and Sponsorship To bring the initiative to life McDonald's UK has enlisted the help of heroes including Double Olympic Gold medal- winning Rower James Cracknell OBE, Olympic Silver medallist Sharron Davies MBE and World Cup legend Sir Geoff Hurst MBE, who will use their position as role models to inspire kids to think about what they eat and what they do. During 2005 and beyond the Team will tour the UK by visiting schools and events, helping to drive the 'active for 60 minutes a day' message. Olympic hopefuls
  19. 19. Targeting other audience types… McDonalds Restaurants make a concerted effort to target other audience types through a range of sponsorship and concessions. By teaming up with MTV for the TV show ‘Advance Warning’ McDonalds hope to appeal to predominantly teenagers. The show itself showcases emerging new musical talent. The likes of a Student card hopes to give concessions or Saver points to the potential student market…
  20. 20. Anti Branding Many websites and institutions have become concerned with McDonalds policies and aggressive marketing techniques. These institutions aim to make people aware of the potentially damaging aspects of these campaigns.
  21. 21. Anti Branding Greenpeace are concerned about the ecological implications of McDonalds Food. The chickens used in many of McDonalds products are fed on soya which is cultivated and reaped in the Brazilian Rainforest. The massive amounts of soya that are reaped are having subsequent devastating ecological effects…