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Construction contents page

  1. 1. The Construction of my Contents Page
  2. 2. As you can see, I have chosen a white background, I have done this because it is one of my house colours, and throughout the magazine, I have interchanging backgrounds that reflect my house colours, so my cover is red, my article is black and my contents is white. This is my masthead, I have chosen a red masthead because it is one of my house colours, I have also got interchanging mastheads according to these house colours. From looking at the screen shot, you can see my masthead which is placed in a cross formation, I have done this to portray a gothic appeal, which would relate to the gothic social tribe as well as rockers and emos. My masthead is also bold and capital, which is the same as my masthead on my front cover, I have imitated this look to carry the house style, I shall be doing this for my double page article as well. The font, Stencil also displays a dominant, bold attitude which is why I used it again to appeal to my target audience.
  3. 3. This is my logo belonging to my magazine which represents the magazine as well, this is a skull ring which I had edited on Photoshop. This skull logo is also present on my front cover, so it carries the house style throughout my magazine. Likewise, this skull logo will also appear on my double page article. My logo has been adjusted on Photoshop to make it look metallic, this affect makes the image look colder which is why I have used this instead of the original dull skull. I thought that this coldness along with that gothic appeal of the logo being a skull would appeal to my target audience. This logo also has a drop shadow applied to enhance that gothic appeal that I have tried to portray. The drop shadow also makes the skull stand out more, hopefully when adding more content to the page, this will remain constant. Underneath the logo, I have placed a motto/slogan which is also on the cover of my magazine, so this also carries the house style. The slogan reads, ‘We Predict A RIOT!!!’, this reinforces the masthead and once again exhibits that anarchist attitude.
  4. 4. This is my main image for my contents page as it reflects the lead story/splash of the, ‘Rocking Jed Tour’, I found that this picture was appropriate because it is that classic rock pose as seen by many rock artists today. I found that the image also reflects the fashion style worn by today's teenagers, what with the hoody and the baggy T-shirt. This is a main headline to organise the contents presented on this page, it reads, ‘Main Cover Articles’. The formatting of this line is different in comparison to the actual stories themselves, so that it is easily seen when read. The formatting includes red writing as well as a drop shadow to allow it to stand out on the page, similarly, my main image has a black shadow too. One of the stories placed in the contents page is, ‘Rockin Jed Tour’, this happens to be my lead story, however, I have not changed the formatting of the text because most contents pages keep the formatting of all the stories the same, whether it is a splash or not. Another story present is called, ‘The RIOT Playlist’, which has an instant liaison with music, next to it, I have put a page number so the reader can locate the article easily. Underneath the story, I have written a strapline to allow the readers to gain an insight to the article.
  5. 5. I have started to add more articles in my contents page so everything is full, as from looking at real contents pages in rock music magazines, they make sure that there is no space unoccupied. Another story is called, ‘Behind the scenes’, which lures the reader in to the article as it is exclusive, you wouldn’t usually know what goes on behind the curtains, this is continued in the strapline, ‘Check out what the hard core rock artists do behind stage!’, a demand which lures the readers to the article. An additional story reads, ‘Brand new Competitions, this is a form of can because it allows the readers to interact with the magazine. It also has a strapline to draw the reader in, ‘Win a chance to go to…’, the ellipsis attracts the reader to the article so they can find out what the prize is. The last story is about, ‘Rockin Tips’, which relates to the target audience and their fashion styles and tastes, the magazine is acting like a guide to what is in style, putting the magazine in a high position because it has authority.
  6. 6. On the masthead, you will realise that I have added a piece of holly which ties in with the Christmas theme because this is the time of issue. I have also placed it here because it was present on my front cover so it is crucial to carry the house style as every little detail counts. I have also started to add more images to the contents page, I have attempted to make a collage of images that reflect each article, but you will realise that the main image in the corner is the largest as it is the most significant due to it reflecting the lead story/splash. Here is a tiny but essential piece of the house style, the page number. If you look closely, you can see that it is the logo of the magazine which is underneath the number 2, I have put it like this because it carries the house style and the contrast of colour makes the number eligible. Most of the images all have a red drop shadow where as the main image has a black drop shadow, I’ve done this to allow the main image to stand out.
  7. 7. This here, is the website of the magazine so it is, therefore, a can, the text reads, ‘Subscribe at ’. I have done this to allow readers to gain access to the magazine through the internet, from looking at many magazines, they usually display this below on the content page, I have attempted to imitate this. I have added another main headline which also organises the content on this page, ‘Additional stories’. I have made sure that it has the same formatting as the first headline because they are both significant, so I gave it, red writing and a black drop shadow. The second heading has different formatting compared to the stories to allow it to stand out, which it does. Another story is called, ‘Rock on a budget’, once again, this regards the fashion conscious target audience of rockers which provides advice on how to get clothes for a bargain, this is reflected through the strapline, ‘Top Trends, Low Prices’.
  8. 8. On the right, I have added a black box in which I am going to place writing with a red border, I have done this to stay in touch with the house colours for my magazine, red, white and black. I will be putting a mixture of red and white text regarding subscriptions for the magazine. Within the text box on the right, I have placed an image of a demented fan of the magazine, as you can see, there is excitement on her face as she finds out about the subscribing offer for the magazine. As you can see, her emotions are exaggerated through her facial expressions and her body language to stand out. One story reads, ‘Top 40 Hits’, once again, a clear link to music which talks about the latest hits in the charts, referring to other media sources such as TV and Radio. In addition to this, we have a story called, ‘Death Riot’, which underlines a website where RIOT fan can download, making this a form of can as well because the magazine and readers are interacting.
  9. 9. My Completed Contents Page Like many magazines, I have added an issue date and the issue itself, I have put this on the top of the page, so that it is noticed. This text also reflects the house colours with a black font with a red border. This box alongside the masthead says, ‘what’s inside…’, making it clear that the page is the contents page, it also draws the readers to the articles because of the ellipsis. The text in the box mentions how the readers can subscribe to the magazine, I have written it in direct address so the readers are attracted to it.
  10. 10. The End