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Introduction to Gamification


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A presentation about how we can use game mechanics in areas that aren’t a game

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  • Hmm. Think I read a free sci-fi iBook on this called MetaGame by Sam Landstrom. Taking advantage of the socially encouraged, not inborn, need to compete is just the next step after having dried up sex as a motivator in the modern primitive man. Let’s make work more like a viral game or digital social event. It’s still work. Now they’re looking for ways to make it addictive too. I am curious to see where this takes us. Since we’ve been flaming like a comet in this general direction for less than a century I suspect I’ll still be alive when it burns out.
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  • Wow, nice presentation. Thanks.
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Introduction to Gamification

  1. GAMI-FICA-TION– a presentation about howwe can use game mechanicsin areas that aren’t a gameMartin Thörnkvist, C’n’B, Cologne, 23 June 2011
  2. AgendaGamificationGame mechanicsWhy gamify?Do’s and dont’sExamples
  3. Definition Gamification
  4. ”The process of applying the basic elements that make games fun and engaging to things thataren’t considered a game.” Gamification
  5. Game mechanics Why we’re playing
  6. PointsWhy we’re playing
  7. LevelsWhy we’re playing
  8. BadgesWhy we’re playing
  9. Leaderboards Why we’re playing
  10. Challenges Why we’re playing
  11. Rethink!Ozma Game Design
  12. RewardsWhy we’re playing
  13. 5 good reasons Why gamify?
  14. Increased use Why gamify?
  15. Increased loyalty Why gamify?
  16. Influencing use Why gamify?
  17. Viral sharing Why gamify?
  18. Identification Why gamify?
  19. Again, together Mechanics + reasons
  20. ”It’s the process ofimplementing game mechanics into non-gaming scenarios in order to better engageaudiences and solve problems” Gamification
  21. Do’s and don’tsWhat to think about before you start
  22. It’s hardWhat to think about before you start
  23. Not pointification What to think about before you start
  24. Not too simpleWhat to think about before you start
  25. SurpriseWhat to think about before you start
  26. Be concreteWhat to think about before you start
  27. ForecastStill on planet earth, but more engaging
  28. ”while the last decadewas the decade of social, this decade will be the decade when the game framework is built” - Seth Priebatsch
  29. ”By 2015, more than 50percent of organizationsthat manage innovation processes will gamify those processes” - Gartner
  30. ”Anywhere there are people to be motivated, you can use gamification.I you’re not, you’re leaving money on the table” - Rajat Paharia
  31. = SummaryCall on the basic human need to compete and play It’s not only about points and badges Think before you implement
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