Evaluation q.3


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Evaluation q.3

  1. 1. EVALUATION – Q3What kind of institution might distribute your media product and why? Kellie Ward
  2. 2. Scale; What?We have decided that our thriller would be best to largelyproduce & distribute on the biggest you can get; a globalscale.When a film is distributed to audiences globally, it literallymeans that it reaches people nationally. All over the world Why?As the overall plot of our thriller regards a worldwidesituation (virus) it would therefore be completely necessary togive people from various locations the opportunity to beinvolved in the consumption of the film, as it relates to them,this broadens our target and potential audience.
  3. 3. The production&distribution company we chose What we chose? The Hollywood production/distribution company best suited to our type of film is Warner Bros, and we decided this in the early stages of planning. Here is a screenshot of when we first considered Warner Bros, in our pitch:
  4. 4. Why Warner Bros are suited to distributing our film One of the main appealing factors that led to us selecting Warner Bros as the best suited distribution company was the fact that it had many previous years experience and knowledge of highly successful thrillers. This would obviously increase our chances of creating a creating and putting out a legitimate thriller which would fulfill the purposes to entertain and make money.
  5. 5. Why Warner Bros are suited to distributing our film Warner Bros is a conglomerateAlthough Warner Bros is a huge company in itself, it is onlya subsidiary company of the leading media institution TimeWarner, which means that it is part of a large group ofvarious mass media companies also owned by Time Warner.Being a part of this conglomerate comes as a huge advantageto all of the consisting companies, including Warner Bros!Because it would give vast opportunity for our thriller to lateron be broadcasted on many other types of technology such asTV and leased on DVD/Blu-ray formats; linked via TimeWarner.
  6. 6. Investment values What?As money isn’t provided by a governmental company, it is not limitedto a small budget and the only real restriction is whether Warner Brosare willing to give our film as much money as we’d like for it.The private investment of this global media group means that they canfound huge amounts of money for high quality production &distribution! Why?Our thriller requires a relatively big budget, as the visuals MUST bebelievable otherwise it will not be successful in reflecting the genre ofa thriller – to thrill.A lot of money would give us access to high quality equipmentsuch as Arri Alexa cameras (used in 007 Skyfall). It could alsocast well known actors and increase promotion and press of the film
  7. 7. Marketing advantagesA lot of successful modern marketing is cheaplyoperated on things such as social networks; likeFaceBook, twitter etc.HOWEVER – money can buy more direct andpractical advertising that will reach, entertain, andentice bigger masses of people. These investivemarketing strategies : merchandise, printadvertisements (magazines, newspapers), televisionand radio featuring, online digital film screeners.
  8. 8. FormatThis means that our content would beprofessionally released in a digitalcinematography format (Which is relevantbecause of the special video effects andcomplexity of our thriller visuals). Digital formatsconsist of a grained structure, rather than usingpixels, which results in the high definition that wedesire.
  9. 9. Conclusion – Warner Bros are the best for our thriller! Due to experience and money.