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Measuring your online effectiveness


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Measuring your online effectiveness

  1. 1. Community Engagement means working collaboratively to discover, understandand address community needs and aspirations. …this can apply online too.  
  2. 2. TakingEngagement Online
  3. 3. Station Aspiration:Address Atlanta’shigh schooldropout rate
  4. 4.       Start a   # of students who 15 mentees, 10conversation signed up on the mentors with high site school students # of daily followers 10 daily   #teamfollowback   followers              
  5. 5. Lessons  learned:    •  Need  to  meet  youth  where  they  are  at   on  social  media  •  Need  to  facilitate  conversa6on  with   content  that  appeals  to  youth  •  Need  to  meet  in  person  as  well  as   interact  online  •  Prizes  (incen6ves)  help  
  6. 6. Sta.on  Aspira.on:  Convene  a  conversa.on  about  dropout  on  social  media.    
  7. 7.                           No.  of    Integrate   contributors  to   10   over  the   #MPTgraduate         air  with       #  of  retweets   7   online           #  of  replies  to       @MPTgraduate   3                  
  8. 8. Lessons  learned:    “You have to understand the likelyaudience for the subject and considerhow they get their information…” – FaithWachter, MPT•  Need to use appropiate social media•  Need to correlate the content with the appropiate social media•  Need to start a conversation BEFORE the event and sustain it AFTER  
  9. 9. Station Aspiration:Be the essentialcultural connectorbetween St. Louisand independentmusic over the airand online.
  10. 10. # of commentsIncrease on article 162traffic to Time spent contest winner About 5 minutes page Bounce/% exit 51%/26%    
  11. 11. Lessons  Learned:    “The value of a station’s website is that there is a lotmore we offer as an organization. If we can get you tocome to the website and spend time there you’ll seethat we feature radio, local music, local arts andevents, connect you to St. Louis – and that can’t becommunicated in a Facebook post.” – Steve Ley,KDHX•  Content online matters.•  Providing a space for people to communicate creatively matters.•  Put in a UTM code!
  12. 12. Engagement KPCC Southern California Public Radio
  13. 13. KPCC s mission“SCPR aspires to be the region’s primarysource for news and information that iscritical to a well-functioning multi-ethnicdemocracy, and we aspire to be the placewhere Southland’s diverse individuals andcommunities convene to discuss and debatethe most important issues of the day. And itenvisions SCPR’s full command ofbroadcast, digital, social media, and liveevent platforms.” --Bill Davis, CEO
  14. 14. Who are weengaging?
  15. 15. Our future audience•  Diverse •  Influential and expanding Latino and Asian American audiences •  Increasingly English dominant •  Audiences who want content that is both important AND interesting
  16. 16. One-Nation Media ProjectDevelop and launch a public media news andinformation service that improves publicbroadcasting’s ser vice to multi-ethniccommunities in Southern California, generally,and to English-speaking Latinos in Los Angeles,specifically.
  17. 17. We will...•  Expand our daily 1-hour magazine show with Madeleine Brand into a 2-hour show •  Hire a Latino co-host •  Hire digital reporters and strengthen reporting in key topic areas, incl. Immigration and Education •  Engage on all platforms
  18. 18. What does success look like?•  Bigger (local, loyal) audience •  More diverse audience •  More engaged audience... on all platforms
  19. 19. The importance of social media•  Increase referrals ››› Bigger audience •  Build up flagship accounts ››› Loyalty ★ Likes and followers matter! •  Digital engagement should match broadcast engagement
  20. 20. How do youincrease referrals?•  Plan social media - use a budget •  Use the right tools, post more often •  Promote it on the air (speak radio )
  21. 21. Build up your accounts•  Content is king •  ...but a good promotion can help, too!
  22. 22. What type of content? •  Build out stories •  Video, multimedia, graphics •  Select the right stories
  23. 23. The goal: Content that is important AND interesting... to YOUR audience
  24. 24. Partnerships are key
  25. 25. How do you increase engagement?•  Create a process that bridges radio and web •  Do more than post links •  Engage not just around stories, but also events •  Get the staff engaged
  26. 26. One final example...
  27. 27. Thank you!Alex Schaffert Director of Digital Media at
  28. 28. Online Engagement at OPB Lynne Pollard
  29. 29. OPB MissionGiving voice to the community, connecting Oregon and its neighbors, illuminating a wider world.
  30. 30. Strategic Goals—  Become a content-focused organization—  Serve the audience wherever they are
  31. 31. How does social media fit?—  Set of communication tools that allows us to extend the reach and impact of our content —  Enewsletters —  Blogs —  Commenting —  PIN —  Facebook —  Twitter —  Reddit etc
  32. 32. @OPB@April Baer @OFGProducerEd 431 like this @OPB Morning @OPB-C_Oregon @Think Out Loud @OPB News
  33. 33. IBM Project—  Goals and objectives—  Organization and workflow—  Governance—  Metrics
  34. 34. Objectives—  Reach new audiences for our content—  Move the audience across platforms—  Engage the community—  Build loyalty
  35. 35. SLG Committee OPBNews Arts EnvironmentTOL OAB Opbmusic OFG Earthfix KMHD Ecotrope
  36. 36. Guiding Principles—  OPB is a journalistic organization.—  All posts should reflect the content and tone of OPB’s broadcast programming and online content and should manifest a sense of editorial curation consistent with those resources.—  All OPB policies apply.—  Wherever possible, @OPB tweets and Facebook posts should highlight resources available to the audience through OPB.—  OPB first.
  37. 37. Metrics—  Fans and Followers—  Referrals—  Engagement —  Likes —  Shares —  Comments
  38. 38. Referrals: 635Engagement: 101 comments 36 likes 3 shares
  39. 39. Questions?