Digital Tools of Engagement: Storify, SoundCloud, Pinterest


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Pinterest. Storify. SoundCloud. You’ve likely been hearing a lot about these new online tools. But, you may not be quite sure whether – or how – they're useful to you in engaging your community. Review this presentation for practical ways in which public media professionals are using these tools to inspire, inform and engage.

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Digital Tools of Engagement: Storify, SoundCloud, Pinterest

  1. 1. Community InsightsDigital Tools of Engagement
  2. 2. About NCME:We help stations engage theircommunities. We are funded by the Corporationfor Public Broadcasting to design,develop, and deploy print, digital,online, and other resources that:
  3. 3. •  You and your colleagues can use to initiate or enhance a two-way conversation with community members.•  Help tell your community and potential funders about your value as an essential local institution.•  Identify opportunities that can help you find partners and funding for your work. For more information: Visit our website at Call us at 866-234-2016 Email us at
  4. 4. Get Social#ComInsights
  5. 5. Today’s Presenters Michael Caputo, Kelly Chen, Public Insight Network Moderator: PBS NewsHourIan Hill, KQED Ann Alquist, NCME
  6. 6. What is digital engagement? Using social media and online tools to create an authentic two-way interaction with your community. Involves listening, responding and creating content that’s relevant to your community.
  7. 7. Ian HillOnline CommunityEngagement SpecialistKQED
  8. 8. Storify A presentation in 13 slides Starring the cast of HBO’s landmark dramaBy Ian Hill, KQED News Engagement Producer
  9. 9. CurationSelecting and organizing content into aformat that conveys a message to anaudience.Journalism is curationwith context.Good curation, likegood journalism,engages theaudience.
  10. 10. “A Facebook Story”The Washington Post, Dec. 9, 2010
  11. 11. Storify is…A free web-based tool for curating onlinecontent into an embeddable format.Storify should not be… •  A Twitterfeed •  A replacement for all other online news coverage* * Yet
  12. 12. •  Storify  back  end  
  13. 13. Good Storifys…•  Offer engaging narratives•  Provide context•  Give consumers a point of view not found in other news coverage
  14. 14. Bad Storifys are…•  Really long•  Lacking text•  Lists of Tweets
  15. 15. How Do You Measure Success?KQED’s Top 5 Storifys By Views1. Collision Puts Buster Posey on the DL2. 8 Tips for Surviving a Chilly San FranciscoSummer3. Occupy Oakland Calls for General Strike4. Anderson Cooper: “The Fact is, I’m Gay.”The Bay Area: We’re Not Surprised.5. BART Service Down Between East Bayand SF Causing Commute Snarls
  16. 16. How Do You Measure Success?
  17. 17. Questions? Ask Ian!••  @ianhillmedia•
  18. 18. Michael CaputoAnalyst, Public Insight NetworkAmerican Public Media (APM)
  19. 19. Interactive audio for storytelling…
  20. 20. The giants (thanks for the shoulders)Amanda Peacher Sharon McNary Carolyn Adolph Oregon Public Southern California KUOW Broadcasting Public Radio Seattle
  21. 21. SoundCloud = Voices captured for anetworked world.
  22. 22. Embeddable clips that accept comments…
  23. 23. But how?• Create system for capturing audio• Reach sources online/on- the-air• Capture and showcase audio
  24. 24. Create system
  25. 25. Create system
  26. 26. Reach sources  
  27. 27. Capture & showcase  
  28. 28. Capture & showcase  
  29. 29. Capture & showcase  
  30. 30. TIPS   Sarah Marshall of has SoundCloud tips• increasingly-using-soundcloud-says-founder/• can-use-soundcloud/ SoundCloud’s tip sheet•   For more information: Michael Caputo –
  31. 31. Kelly ChenSocial Media Production AssistantPBS NewsHour
  32. 32. Pinterest:Not Your Grandma’s Scrapbook
  33. 33. Inspirations
  34. 34. Hopes and Dreams
  35. 35. Aspirations
  36. 36. Pinterest & American Graduate
  37. 37. Media Coverage
  38. 38. What We Found•  Decision to stay in school is personal and empowering•  Motivations can be visually represented (family photos, smart phone photos, quotes, video)•  Immediate response from “Pinners” via likes, shares and comments•  Presentation: Pinterest boards bring a new kind of engagement
  39. 39. How to Participate
  40. 40. Outreach
  41. 41. “Final” Product
  42. 42. ShareTag communitypartners Invite participation
  43. 43. Increase Engagement Strangers feel connectedEmpowerstudents
  44. 44. Promote
  45. 45. Tips1)  Frame your focus: •  Why do you go to school?2)  Show why: •  Why is this important? •  Why should I contribute?3)  How to participate: •  What should I submit? What kind of photo? •  How should I submit it? •  Show examples4)  Outreach: •  Who do you want to hear from? •  Use your connections5)  Promotion: •  Let your community partners know •  Tag it on air, online, word-of-mouth6)  Share submissions it across social platforms: •  Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, station site
  46. 46. How Public Media is Using Pinterest
  47. 47. Links and Resources•  Why I Go to School: An Antidote For Dropping Out•  NewsHour Extra: Why I Go to School Lesson Plan•  Pinterest Board: Why I Go to School•  Pinterest Board: ‘I Am an American Graduate’•  PBS NewsHour American Graduate•  Teresa Gorman’s ‘Public Media on Pinterest’ Board
  48. 48. Questions?Email: Twitter: @chenk_x
  49. 49. Digital Engagement ChecklistDid I engage in a conversation with the publicthrough social media this week?Did I learn something about my community thisweek? Did I teach something?Did I get a story idea from an online communitythat I engaged with this week?Did I find a source for my reporting through socialmedia this week?Did I represent community interactions using digitaltools?
  50. 50. Thanks for joining us! Subscribe to the NCME blogfor blog posts from our presentersand regular engagement insights.