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Adserving: Do we need an evolution or revolution?


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Deconstruction of the Lumascape that would have occured had 3rd Party Ad Servers innovated.
First created for I-COM in Rome, Italy, fall 2012

Published in: Marketing
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Adserving: Do we need an evolution or revolution?

  1. 1. Adserving: Do we need an evolution or revolution? © Mediasmith 2012
  2. 2. LUMAscape
  3. 3. Where Adserving Stands • Ten years ago, adserving companies were either the exclusive or vast majority of agency tech budgets • Innovation came slow to this category while pricing dropped • Standalone companies began to crop up that should have been ad serving features
  4. 4. “Features” That Became Companies • Rich media • Attribution • Tag Management • Optimization • Verification • DSP • Targeting & Data Aggregators • Retargeting • R/F and GRP metrics • RFP/workflow • Content
  5. 5. LUMAscape Candidates for Consolidation
  6. 6. LUMAscape After Consolidation
  7. 7. What’s Next? • Will the DSP take over as the primary agency tech partner? • Will the need for ad serving disappear & is cookie management and trafficking their only function today? • What will a roll up of services look like & Who will drive it?
  8. 8. David L. Smith @mediadls