Meeting Marketing Challenges with Automation and Drupal


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Meeting Marketing Challenges with Automation and Drupal

  1. 1. Meeting Marketing Challenges With Automation and Drupal By: Adam Waid Jay Callicott Bobby Drummond
  2. 2. Adam Waid Marketing Director @adamwaid Jay Callicott Lead Architect / Product Manager @drupalninja Bobby Drummond Strategic Alliance Manager Silverpop, an IBM Company
  3. 3. Design/Theming ● Usability Testing ● Responsive Design ● Drupal Theming ● Annotated Wireframes @Mediacurrent Development ● Drupal Support ● Custom Module Development ● Large Scale Systems Integration ● Security & Performance Expertise We help organizations build highly impactful, elegantly designed Drupal websites that achieve the strategic results you need. Digital Strategy ● Content Strategy ● Content Generation ● Result Metrics ● Marketing Automation Integration
  4. 4. Our Customers Highly impactful Drupal websites that get results for businesses.
  5. 5. ● Wrote only Marketing & Drupal eBook ● Featured in “Marketing Automation for Dummies” ● Organize a monthly Marketing Automation meet-ups ● Maintain most MA Drupal modules ● 30+ MA resources on @Mediacurrent Featured in Our Experience
  6. 6. ● Overview ● What to Consider before purchasing? ● Case Study ● MA Integration @Mediacurrent Agenda
  7. 7. How Does Marketing Automation Work? @Mediacurrent
  8. 8. @Mediacurrent
  9. 9. Meet Joe Blue Blue Ridge, GA “aclue!” Hi!
  10. 10. Joe needs a lawn service @#$! Kentucky Blue Grass
  11. 11. @Mediacurrent edit text here
  12. 12. @Mediacurrent
  13. 13. How can you Capture Joe’s attention? @Mediacurrent
  14. 14. With Marketing Automation
  15. 15. Zone 7
  16. 16. Nurturing +20 +50 +100
  17. 17. Sales Assignment +100
  18. 18. CROSS PLATFORM Triggering SMS, Email, and internal notifications. @Mediacurrent
  19. 19. 4 things to consider before purchasing marketing automation @Mediacurrent
  20. 20. Consider: Your Lead Management process @Mediacurrent
  21. 21. @Mediacurrent Conversion Social Email SEO Events Web Visits MA profile created Nurture Assign to Sales Users are notified Sales Follow-up (48 hours) Notasales-readylead Nurture list (-100) Sales Process Begins Salesforce: “working” 100 points
  22. 22. Consider: Your Team’s Skills @Mediacurrent
  23. 23. Consider: Your Content Strategy @Mediacurrent Content Strategy Session Wednesday 10:45 AM
  24. 24. Consider: Your Overall Goals @Mediacurrent
  25. 25. Practical Examples of successful marketing automation campaigns @Mediacurrent
  26. 26. Copyright 2014 IBM Corporation IBM Industry Cloud Solutions Welcome to the Future of Marketing
  27. 27. Copyright 2014 IBM Corporation Silverpop, an IBM Company is focused on helping marketers transform the customer experience — increasing engagement and driving revenue.
  28. 28. Copyright 2014 IBM Corporation Automotive Technology Consumer Goods Agency Finance / Insurance Healthcare Retail More than 2,000 customers, representing about 5,000 brands
  29. 29. Copyright 2014 IBM Corporation What does Silverpop provide? Email Marketing ▪ Dynamic email content and sophisticated features drive higher conversion Lead to Revenue Management ▪ Scoring and automation support complex, direct sales efforts Behavioral Marketing Automation ▪ Capture and use behavior from virtually any source to drive highly personalized interactions
  30. 30. Copyright 2014 IBM Corporation Data in Silos Fragmented picture of customers Lack of Control Lack of control over data Relevant Content Inability to customize content Right Channel Get customer’s attention Real-time Execution Inability to execute in real-time Lack of Insight How individuals interact with your brand What business challenges does Silverpop solve?
  31. 31. Copyright 2014 IBM Corporation Individualized email messaging increases engagement Subject Line Personalization First name personalization Personalized Content Name and contact info for each customer’s personal rep Dynamic Subject Lines The subject line changes based on the type and duration of club membership Individualized Content Lists For any customer who has purchased two or more items in the last 90 days, list each purchase with review links E-commerce-driven Personalization Display totals and other engaging content to drive follow-on purchases Website-driven Content Directly track each customer’s Web activity and prompt them to visit new areas of the site Send Time Optimization The message arrives in each individual’s inbox at precisely the time that individual is most likely to check email 1 3 4 5 6 2 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  32. 32. Copyright 2014 IBM Corporation Communication steps Marketers can visual build the content and cadence for the automated campaign including email, direct mail, tele-sales, and lead routes. Decision diamonds Easily add business criteria to determine when and which path each individual will move down. Advanced processing (global, track, step) Extensive capabilities drive real-time interactions and external systems - Filter, route, update, Sync with CRM, add to CRM campaign, or End Track contacts Hyper individualized content Dynamic content, relational table content, 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 4 Program automation drives interactions at scale
  33. 33. Copyright 2014 IBM Corporation Email Behaviors Opens, Clicks, Sent or not sent, in any given time window. Web Analytics Integration WA data feed – search, shopping cart, page level Relational Data Ecommerce, In Store Social Feed Mention, Follow, RT in given time window Silverpop Native Web Feed Site visits, page visits, Custom web behaviors Behavior-based business rules create personalized interactions
  34. 34. Copyright 2014 IBM Corporation Why Silverpop? ▪ Capture more behavior from more sources ▪ Use those behaviors to automate highly personalized interactions at scale ▪ Smoothly integrate with world-class technology solutions ▪ Which can result in: ‒ Campaigns driven by customer behaviors generate more revenue ‒ Better customer experience builds competitive differentiation and loyalty, expanding wallet share ‒ Exceptional time to value and increased ROI
  35. 35. Integration Tips for Success @Mediacurrent
  36. 36. Marketing Automation & Drupal ● Our Involvement ● Why do I need a module? ● How to Integrate ● Future plans @Mediacurrent
  37. 37. Mediacurrent’s Involvement ● M.A. services on the rise ● Customers need integration ● Modules out of date ● Decided to take ownership @Mediacurrent
  38. 38. Project Goals ● Stable 7 release ● Webform integration ● Web & event tracking ● Up to date documentation @Mediacurrent
  39. 39. Why do I need a module? ● No developer required ● Control from Drupal Admin ● Code Updates ● Better Drupal integration @Mediacurrent
  40. 40. How? Example of how to integrate with Drupal @Mediacurrent
  41. 41. Our Plans ● Personalization integration ● Pre-populated fields ● Deeper Drupal integration ● More intuitive for average user ● Reporting @Mediacurrent
  42. 42. Where to Download @Mediacurrent
  43. 43. Power Sessions Featuring Mediacurrent
  44. 44. Thank You! Questions? @Mediacurrent