Learning the Craft of Marketing and Selling Drupal Services


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Drupal is at an inflection point. The open-source project has gone from a dorm room experiment to a thriving international community with hundreds of thousand of participants (developers, designers, marketers, business owners, etc.). While the recent adoption trends have been positive, the content management system (CMS) space is becoming more competitive. The proprietary CMSs are starting to take notice and the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) campaigns against Drupal have just begun. In this session, we will explore and recommend ways to better position, sell, and market Drupal. We will share actual success stories from the trenches of how large, enterprise-level Drupal deals were won (and lost).

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  • Might be able to find a marketer?
  • Let’s first define with I.M. is.What is it, and why is it important?
  • OB was to disrbut the consumer. Before the rise in social media, online communities, etc, Marketers has to “rise above the noise” – more gltiz, more glam, more disruption A shift in the way consumers wanted to be “marketed to” Now consumers want transparency. Value added content
  • Before we begin on creating an inbound marketing strategy, it’s important to know what it is & the difference between in and out. A shift in the way consumers wanted to be “marketed to” Now consumers want transparency. Value added content
  • This is how I felt.
  • Start by developing personas.
  • According to hubspot, 70% of blog users acquired customers if they were consistently blogging 2-3/week.
  • Now that you have the content – get the word out!
  • It’s not one vs. the other. It’s working together.
  • Learning the Craft of Marketing and Selling Drupal Services

    1. 1. Marketing and Selling Drupal Services July 27th, 2012
    2. 2. Dave Terry  Specializing in Drupal since 2007 Partner  Headquartered in Atlanta, GA  27 Teammates Adam WaidDirector of Marketing @adamwaid
    3. 3. Goal Provide practical ways to increase your marketing and sales efforts of Drupal.
    4. 4. Agenda Why Inbound Let’s talk LessonsMarketing of Marketing Strategy RFPs Learned Drupal?
    5. 5. Why Inbound Lessons Marketing RFPsMarketing? Learned
    6. 6. Wait!Why should wecare about themarketing ofDrupal?
    7. 7. Key Variables for Software Products Must be simple User-friendly Well-marketed Dreis’ Keynote DrupalCon London
    8. 8. Johan Falk May 2012
    9. 9. Sales & Marketingcan stir negativeperceptions.
    10. 10. Why? People must know Drupal exists Community Building – adoption attracts more talent and developers Buyers purchase on name recognition and awareness CMS competition is fierce Job Security – too much Drupal work is better than the alternative
    11. 11. “Ideas that spread, WIN!” Seth Godin
    12. 12. Open Source is Winning!
    13. 13. Why Inbound Lessons Marketing RFPsMarketing? Learned
    14. 14. Outbound Marketing Television Ads Billboards Cold Calling Trade Shows Radio http://xflavor.com/
    15. 15. Inbound Marketing Targeted Emails Blogging Webinars Case Studies SEO http://xflavor.com/
    16. 16. Outbound vs. Inbound File 16475835
    17. 17. Practical Advice
    18. 18. Developing Personas Who is your target audience?  Titles  Role within the organization  Buying Questions/Concerns
    19. 19. Map Your Content
    20. 20. Tip: It’s a Team Effort
    21. 21. ContentCalendar  K.I.S.S.  Accountability  Consistency (2-3 times/week)
    22. 22. Tip: Spoon Feed Ask for Social Sharing Colleagues/Partners  Suggested Tweets  Hashtags  Tracking Links Image credit: http://notrickszone.com/
    23. 23. Nurture Your Leads1. Define Your Audience (Personas) ✔2. Value-added Content ✔3. Set Objectives/Goals4. Set-up a timeline for your emails5. Evaluate your Success
    24. 24. Why Inbound Lessons Marketing RFPsMarketing? Learned
    25. 25. RFP/Proposals –Try to avoid whenever possible Focus RFP time on thought leadership Generate fresh relevant content on your website Become a micro-expert (speak/write) Offer the best possible value in the market
    26. 26. RFP/Proposals Send out a Drupal RFP to 20 vendors 10 Respond 1 winner
    27. 27. RFPs: Always two winners Qualified RFP Spent 100+ hoursWon RFP! & passed responding to RFP & lost
    28. 28. Decision BudgetMakers RealTimeline Problems
    29. 29. Why Inbound Lessons Marketing RFPsMarketing? Learned
    30. 30. Lessons Learned Must have Inbound Marketing Strategy Everyone is an ambassador Spend time qualifying RFPs It’s a marathon not a sprint Marketing and IT working together
    31. 31. Questions?
    32. 32. Mediacurrent helps organizations architect custom websites byleveraging our proven processes and deep expertise in Drupal. @mediacurrent mediacurrent.com