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Five Easy Ways to QA Your Drupal Site


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The Five Easy Ways to QA Your Site has been presented at DrupalCamp South Florida as well as DrupalCamp Florida. The talk addresses the issue of using simple methods to add polish to your site through established Quality Assurance methods. During this presentation you'll learn quick and easy tasks as well as what tools to use to provide a high level of quality.

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Five Easy Ways to QA Your Drupal Site

  1. Five Easy Ways to QA Your SiteBy Andrew M. Riley Mediacurrent Consultant @andrewmriley
  2. GoalIntroduce users to basic Quality Assurance techniques andtools. This talk will not involve programming in any way!
  3. GoalYou want to break your as much as possible so when youdeliver your product you are confident that it will work in aspecified;dr: Break stuff before your client can.
  4. Your Target• Who will be using your sites?• What browsers will you support?• What devices will you support?
  5. Create a test plan
  6. Test Plan• This is your guide follow it• Test case = test only one thing per test• Make a test case for everything (lots of them)• Record everything• This will grow over time• Keep it simple
  7. Super Simple Example
  8. Automated Tests Tools
  9. Link Checkers• Integrity (OS X) -• XENU (Windows) -
  10. Spelling/HTML/Links• Total Validator - • HTML • CSS • Links • Spelling! • 508
  11. Browser Testing
  12. Manual• One test per page, per browser• Clear your cache, check your browser settings• Virtual Machines (VMs) help• Manually compare each page• Check Firebug/IE JS warnings
  13. Automated• BrowserCam -• BrowserShots -• BrowserStack -
  14. IE VMs• Windows Users -• Not Windows Users -
  15. Functional Testing
  16. Functional TestsCreate your test cases from your specifications documents orcontract.If you don’t have these documents, you’ll have to go throughyour site manually and look for things to break.
  17. Functional Tests• Break it down to the smallest element• Can be done in one browser*• Remember negative test cases• Check your Drupal watchdog/logs• Think outside the box.
  18. Tickets
  19. Track Everything1. Error on the side of creating too many tickets2. One ticket per bug, one bug per ticket3. Use a tracking system (it can be free)4. Describe the issue, take a screenshot or video.5. Include a link and include any data
  20. Too Much WorkWhile this feels like a lot of work it can make the differencebetween a launch and a polished launch.
  21. Five Easy Ways to QA Your Site By Andrew M. Riley Mediacurrent Consultant @andrewmriley