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Aegir Hosting System presented at Southeast Linux Fest by Steven C Jackson

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Aegir self presentation

  1. 1. Aegir Hosting System By Steven C Jackson Mediacurrent Consultant South East Linux Fest June 13, 2010
  2. 2. Vitae Steven is a software engineer with Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, who is close to completing a Master's in Applied Computer Science from Kennesaw State University. He is proficient in administering Red Hat and Debian-based GNU/Linux Systems. He is well-versed in software analysis, design, and implementation in PHP, Perl, BASH, C++, and Java. Steven is a Red Hat Certified Technician that has worked on enterprise-grade Drupal sites since 2008. He has maintained and created custom modules for Drupal versions 5 and 6. Steven's passion lays in solving in-depth problems in a pragmatic and efficient, language-agnostic manner. In addition to programming software, Steven enjoys writing and blogging about technologies. Steven recently published a beginner's BASH guide (titled: "BASH.ED"), maintains a blog that caters to GNU/Linux systems users, and is an open-source evangelist. `
  3. 3. Pronunciation No agreement Ay-jeer Ay-gir Ee-gir Ee-jeer `
  4. 4. Aegir, Defined <ul><li>Management system for site maintenance and deployment
  5. 5. Allows the administrator to rapidly deploy a new site
  6. 6. Treats sites as nodes
  7. 7. Aegir == God of Oceans => Drupal is a Drop </li></ul>`
  8. 8. What You'll Need <ul><li>Red Hat or Debian (including derivatives) </li><ul><li>No plans for a Windows implementation </li></ul><li>LAMP Stack
  9. 9. Admin rights to server </li></ul>`
  10. 10. Debian Installation <ul><li>Why Debian? </li><ul><li>Most popular desktop OS (including derivatives)
  11. 11. It's likely you have a Debian/Ubuntu/Mint machine laying around somewhere so no need to isntall RHEL, CentOS, or Fedora
  12. 12. Debian is gaining Server OS market share
  13. 13. It's good to learn something besides RHEL servers </li></ul></ul>`
  14. 14. Debian Installation, cont. <ul><li>Full Instructions: </li><ul><li> </li><ul><li>Aegir project wiki </li><ul><li>Debian-based instructions
  15. 15. Also an unsupported shell script available (alas, it wasn't me who wrote it) </li></ul></ul></ul></ul>`
  16. 16. Debian Installation, cont. <ul><li>Overview </li><ul><li>Install LAMP </li><ul><li>apache2, php5, mysql-server, php5-mysql et. al. </li></ul><li>Install postfix (or other MTA)
  17. 17. Create user 'aegir' (non-interactive)
  18. 18. Create aegir.conf symlink from etc </li></ul></ul>`
  19. 19. Debian Installation, cont. <ul><li>Create aegir database
  20. 20. Add aegir user to database
  21. 21. Setup local DNS (if setting up locally) </li><ul><li>Use /etc/hosts
  22. 22. /etc/apache2/sites-enabled </li></ul><li>Download Aegir proper via git or http </li></ul>`
  23. 23. Debian Installation, cont. <ul><li>Run the install script as the aegir user </li><ul><li>If dl script rather than git you can update the AEGIR_VERSION variable </li></ul><li>Restart Apache (as root, of course)
  24. 24. Verify your installation
  25. 25. Point your browser to whatever you setup in /etc/hosts
  26. 26. Begin GUI aegir setup </li></ul>`
  27. 27. GUI Setup <ul><li>Choose and installation profile – I go with hostmaster
  28. 28. Do the usual drupal settings/files setup
  29. 29. Database Setup
  30. 30. Aegir does its install
  31. 31. See following screens </li></ul>`
  32. 32. Creating Sites <ul><li>Admin ->Create Content->Sites
  33. 33. Can use different platforms e.g. Drupal, Acquia, Pressflow, Prosepoint, OA </li></ul>`
  34. 34. Installation Process `
  35. 35. Installation Process This is body copy `
  36. 36. Installation Process This is body copy `
  37. 37. Installation Process This is body copy `
  38. 38. Installation Process This is body copy `
  39. 39. Installation Process This is body copy `
  40. 40. Installation Process This is body copy `
  41. 41. Installation Process This is body copy `
  42. 42. Installation Process This is body copy `
  43. 43. Questions? `
  44. 44. Contact [email_address] `
  45. 45. Blank Slide This is body copy `