Emerging technologies fh salzburg


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Vortragsreihe an der FH Salzburg, Studiengang MultiMediaTechnology in Kooperation mit RealNetworks

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Emerging technologies fh salzburg

  1. 1. Emerging TechnologiesVortragsreihe an der FH Salzburg, StudiengangMultiMediaTechnology in Kooperation mit RealNetworksEintritt frei!FH Salzburg,Campus Urstein, Urstein Süd 1, A-5412 Puch/Salzburg18. April 2012 17.00 Uhr, HS 013How to design a mobile commerce app thats inspiring and useableTom Pühringer  Usability fundamentals on designing for mobile  Common pitfalls – dos and donts  Things you should really know about mobile technology  Best practice vs. new & innovative  What is the role of a designer in a larger corporation?  How to work with developers and technology geeks?  How to satisfy stakeholders without compromising on design24. April 2012 17.00, AudimaxThe Project Management Anti-Patterns:Crash course in screwing a 2 million $ project!Christian Weiler  Interactive course that will reveal common failures in project management  Based on experiences from managing software and IT projects in an international environment the most common pitfalls and how to avoid them will be discussed  In addition an outlook how the work environment changes and how this impacts project management will be presented and discussed.
  2. 2. 2. Mai 2012 17 Uhr, HS 110Content management and Label licensing -Business models & where the money goesPeter Mödlhammer  Music lifecycle – Song Writer, Composer, Music labels, retailer, customer – how demand is created and why you either make it or break it within “2 weeks”  Music licensing and the hurtles  Content Management – more than a simple CMS  Business models and where the money goes  Business with Music Labels  Business models with customers (AYCE, FTMD, RBT, 10TB)24. Mai 2012 17 Uhr, HS 110Test-driven design and continuous integration for mobile musicapplicationsRainer Burgstaller  Develop high quality, agile mobile applications on android using test driven design, test automation using junit and robotium and continuously ensure code/build quality via hudson continuous integration build server.  How to use junit tests on android,  Difference between unit and integration testing,  How to automate end to end testing using robotium  How to automatically test and certify the application using hudson continuous integration build server29. Mai 2012 17 Uhr, HS110Managing global Datacenter from end to endDominik Simm  Key factors of datacentre operations  What it really means to operate a datacentre  Redundancy concepts  System and capacity Monitoring (SLA, KPI)  Operations processes based on ITIL standards  Change, maintenance and Incident management --------------------------- Save the Date --------------------------- 4. Juni 2012 Bewerbungsschluss Masterstudiengang MultiMediaTechnology  www.multimediatechnology.at