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Preliminary task


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Preliminary task

  1. 1. Preliminary task Shannon Graham
  2. 2. IntroductionContinuity is a system of cutting used to suggest a progression ofevents in real time and space (no flash backs, fade out dissolves etc. jump cuts) The taskThe task was to create a 2minute film that involved two characters to have a conversation and these three rules, match on action, shot/reverse shot and the 180-degree rule.
  3. 3. The 3 rules 180-degree rule180-degree rule – Take the central two characters draw a line between them and you do not crossthe line. From my film
  4. 4. The 3 Rules Shot reverse shotShot reverse shot - For example in conversation so you can show two perspectives, you can see thecharacters face when they talk or to see there reaction to what the other person is saying.From my film
  5. 5. The 3 Rules Match on actionMatch on action match - a series of shots that show the same action, for example some one openingthe door. You would get a clip of them approaching and opening then from the other side of the dooryou would see them enter. From our film For our match on action we decided to use a car door as we thought it would be different than a normal door.
  6. 6. Our IdeasOur first idea was a student walking down the corridor with Hoodie and headphones in to there detention the student sitsdown and the teacher tells the student off and takes there head phones and jumper and gives him work and then leaves.The location would be in a class room.The conversation would go like;teacher - “ that is not a part of the dress code give them to me”student - “ how about no”teacher - “either you give me them or you will have another detention tomorrow for”student - gives Hoodie and headphonesteacher - “here some work, I will be back in minute”teacher leavesBut we thought that it would have been done to many times so we decided to change our idea to a couple leaving to go towork and getting in the car as we thought it would be different to use a car.
  7. 7. Story boardInside the house and having Bradley walking to the car and get in Conversationa conversation Come on then followed by ZoeZoe hurry upZoe getting out the car Cuts to Zoe getting back in the car with Bradley looks at gear stick her phone Then drives off
  8. 8. ConversationInside the house In the carBradley; Come on Zoe hurry up! Bradley; Right you got your wallet?Zoe; Coming! Zoe; yep its in my back pocket got itRunning down the stairs Bradley; You got your keys?Zoe; we are late! Zoe; Got itBradley; Always waiting for you Bradley; you got your phone?Zoe; Come on lets go Zoe; Should have..Leaving the house Checks pocketsBradley; Come on Zoe hurry up Zoe;Wait no I will be right backZoe; Yep coming ….Wait for me Bradley; Oh hurry up and get your phone Zoe leaves the car then get back into the car Zoe; Okay lets go Drives off.
  9. 9. Location This is the inside of our location, as we had never been to the location before we didnt realise how difficult it was to film in a small space. This is outside the house on our location and I think that it was very good for space so there was a lot of room to move around when filming.
  10. 10. Filming logMonday 3rd DecemberIn today’s lesson we came up with the idea and our idea was A couple leaving the house to go to work and gets inthe car, then the conversation goes as have you got everything, no I forgot something then leaves the car thengets back in and drives off.Match on action shot of her leaving the house and when they both get inthe car, shot reverse shot of bradleylooking at the gear stick and 180 degree rule with them talking in the car and I will be filming from the outside ofthe car in through the window.Monday 10th DecemberIn today’ s lesson we practices the shots we was going to use for the film, we practiced exiting the house andgetting into the car, we also practiced the dialog and realized we would have to change some it to make it flowmore in the scene.We realized that we would have to wait until the weekend to film as we need a car for the shots.Sunday 16 DecemberToday we went to our location to film our task as we had not been to the location before we didnt know how muchspace there would be for filming which we found out was a bit of a dilemma as soon as we started filming but wesoon came over that by changed the size on the camera. The biggest problem we faced when filming outside washaving to stop and restart because of passing cars and bikers going past the car and there was nothing we coulddo but be patient and wait. Another problem was because it was so hard to get everyone in the group at thelocation at the same time we had to make sure we filmed everything more than once in case we had to change itbecause we knew we wouldnt have enough time to go back and re-film.
  11. 11. EditingOnce we had filmed our scenes we hit a problem when It came to editing it all together. Theformat of the videos wasnt the correct format for the video editing software we had, we triedWindows movie maker, Serif and tried converting the videos into different formats like, AVI,DVD, MPEG, MOV, MP4, M4V, MKV and they still didnt work until we downloaded AVS videoeditor and then we was able to edit our video and then post it on you-tube so then the wholegroup could access it.The camera we used to film our video on was a Samsung phone and when I uploaded thevideos onto my computer the film rotated to the left and so I had to rotate it to the right to get itthe right way around but in doing so it made the video smaller and made the video have lessquality so we know now not to film using phones just in case it happens again