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Question 2


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Question 2

Published in: Education
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Question 2

  1. 1. How does your media product represent a particular group? My magazine is focused on the genre Classical music with a traditional Chinese theme to it. Throughout my magazine I have focused on including both the theme and the genre. Even though I have used a female model on the cover of my magazine I did, however, aim for a wide audience both sexes. Whilst on the age range, I’ve focused on ages between 33-42. In the text I have used formal language to make it professional and suitable for ages 30-50. The age range is quiet wide so the magazine is able to receive lots of buyers.
  2. 2. When I did research on classical music I found that it has always been linked with that idea of upper-middle class and this is something that I had considered when producing my magazine. In terms of my magazine I made sure the things that I had included in my magazine stuck with the conventions of social groups in classical music magazine.
  3. 3. Classical music is a very calming and is often used for meditating which targets people who like to loosen up and have a rest for relaxation. Because of this it target another group of people, widening the amount of buyers. Classical music is popular in musicals and has many orchestra’s which a huge variety of people attend to.